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The Insane Checkup

Posted on Tue Mar 23rd, 2021 @ 5:41pm by Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins & Dr. Sean Octopus (ELH MK. II)

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Xo's Quarters


Tj sat in his room but this time with the lights on he had talked with the ship's Captain on the holodeck to his Quarters after his takeover but she needed a Doctor's opinion before shipping him off to the nuthouse. Tj sat wearing plain shirt jeans and a leather jacket on his sofa as he was told a Doctor would be coming for a check-up. There was a chime at the door and when Tj called "Enter," someone appeared.

"I am Doctor Sean Octopus," He said, "Or Emergency Long-Term Medical Hologram and I will be performing your physical and mental checkup today are you ready to begin?"

"What kind of name is Sean Octopus?" Tj asked relaxing into his seat he had heard of the ELH mark I but not the second.

"My makers thought the ELH should have funny names when dealing with children each ELH has a different name, however," The Doctor said then folded his arms behind his back

"Okay then," Tj said "I'm ready for my checkup Doc," he was also interested in how he was going to scan him since he magically appeared in his sitting room without a Medical Kit

"I will begin to scan your body is there any medical conditions or family medical history?" The ELH asked

"Well, I'm blind in my left eye...My brothers are missing either a limb or an organ but that's all the medical stuff of my family... How are you scanning me anyways?"

"My program allows me to scan a person without even needing to hold a scanner but I will need tools to administer inoculation as such... Scan complete you are medically fit but your eyesight is operating at 25% and you are in Mind-shattering pain there are surgery options, however, for your eye," The ELH said walking forward towards Tj then sat himself down onto his sofa.

"I don't want anything," Tj said coming down on to the sofa "I've told every Doctor in Starfleet that,"

"I am aware of that I looked over your medical record I can only access your medical record... You know why you are shackled in your cell Colonel?" The ELH asked sitting upright.

"Yip... mutiny which was a lie I was fixing the mistake Starfleet and that was letting a kid drive the car she only had a month of First Officer duties when their's hundreds of First Officer's who have served longer than a month,"

"How is it mutiny a lie? Pointing a phaser breaks Regulation 76," The ELH replied

"Yes I took up the phaser and I used a fake Intelligence code to confuse her and I can easily use the real code to take control of her just need the right timing... She won the battle but I can easily win the war in one fell swoop,"

"I see," The ELH said trying to think if the next course of action making him feel guilty wasn't working though everyone probably tried it time for the compare basic but often works on the strongest minds, "Who does she remind you of? Your Mother? Brother? Sister?"

"Captain Curtis Shaw my second assignment I served as his Yeomen and the Chief Ops assistant he treated me like a nobody didn't even think he knew who I was. Always following his gut and not his crews advise that's who she reminds me of a worthless scumbag," Tj said facing the ELH.

"But pulling that phaser you followed your gut turning yourself into the very person you promised yourself you wouldn't become," The ELH said staring back at him with no mention as he showed.

"I...Your...Your actually right my whole time as a Starfleet Officer I forgot and turned myself into a... A monster...God what have I done," Tj said putting his head into his lap.

"I'll inform the Captain of my report feel free to contact me anytime Mr Perkins," The ELH said before adding away

When the ELH faded away Tj lifted his head from the pams of his eyes and a lonely tear began to form under his right ear he know was re-connected with his past and the present now the healing truly began.

Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins
Executive Officer
USS Wayfarer

Dr. Sean Octopus (ELH MK. II)
Medical Officer
((Played by O-5 Perkins))
USS Wayfarer


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