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Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins

Name Tj Perkins

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 121 Pounds
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Short wavy hair. Long scar on his cheek and a scar along his eye because of his scar he is know blinded in his right eye


Father Fleet Captain Macsen Perkins *KIA*
Mother Aerona Perkins
Brother(s) and / or Sister(s) 3 Brothers
4 Sisters

Warden Eugen Perkins
½ Human & ½ Caitian Male
4 Year's Older.

Thanthaa zh'Shendre
½ Human & ½ Andorian Female
4 Year's Older.

Commander Aeronwen Perkins
Judge Advocate General Officer
Human Female
3 Year's Older

Eurwen Perkins
Secretary of Homeland Security for The Fedration
Human Female
2 Year's Older

Zoey Perkins
Human Female
1 year older

Marc Perkins
Human Male
(Quadruplets to Carwyn Perkins + Ryan Perkins + Tj Perkins )

Carwyn Perkins
Human Male
(Quadruplets to Marc Perkins + Ryan Perkins + Tj Perkins )

Ryan Perkins
Human Male
(Quadruplets to Marc Perkins + Carwyn Perkins + Tj Perkins)

½ Human & ½ Gorn Male.
37 Year's Younger

Other Family

Caitian Male
Married to Eugen Perkins.

Vice Admiral Dagmar Perkins
Director of Starfleet intelligence
Human Female

Commodore Paquito Perkins
Task Force 87 XO
Human Male

Admiral Marijuana Bronwen-Lewis
Fleet Gamma Commanding Officer
Human Female

Vice Admiral Kamal Lewis*KIA*
Director of Starfleet Operations
Human Male

Governor S'kebm
Gorn Male

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tj looks like he's been to hell and back but he's strict just like his sister but worse he gas been know to write you up just for your body language to an order.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong
+ Battle-hardened

- Loves protocol
Ambitions Tj doesn't have a lifetime wish like... not anymore. Before he wanted to be like his father a captain of a powerful starship but now he doesn't want to follow that dream.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies

Weapon crafting

Personal History Born on Earth in a place called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. He is a Quadruplet with 3 other look-a-likes like him (different injuries) their mother was a bed hopper while father was a Captain in Starfleet.
Tj and his Quadruplet siblings always caused trouble pulling pranks on people and playing up. They almost got expelled from secondary school for their jokes. They continued being trouble until they left home.

He wanted to join Starfleet exploring the galaxy and its wonders just like his father. He chooses his major. Command & Control because he wanted to be in charge of a powerful team and for his minor, he picked Operations being different from his brothers that were joining Starfleet also.
Tho their professors couldn't tell them apart and sometimes giving them a different name like "1" or "2". Tj completed 1 year at the Academy and was posted for field duty.

He was stationed on the Endeavour it was only himself his other brothers were field posted somewhere else. He worked as the Captain's assistant and the chief operations assistant. It was hard work and long nights running with PADDS in both hands but he knew he could pull threw it. After completing 3 years on the USS Endeavour he had completed his training and was promoted to Ensign and offered to stay. He declined and applied elsewhere.

He ended up on the USS Solar Lady with his old jobs. Assistant too different people but at least it was something he knew how to do. On his off duty hours, he spent his time reading and exploring his interests. He was promoted to Lieuteant Junior Grade in 2369 and a year later his father, Fleet Captain Macsen Perkins offered him the role of Chief Operations Officer alongside his brothers who also held department head position. He accepted

After 11 years of being an assistant, he had an assistant who he went easy on he knew the stress the job could make. He loved being around his family, his father and brothers it would be better if Zoey came but she was elsewhere. The ship's warp core had a breach and the saucer separation had to be done by the XO. It was sabotaged by it's Chief Medical Officer who organ harvest from the Captain when he got found out.
The shockwave caused the Saucer to crashland on the planet known by H-887. The crash caused Tj to lose sight in his right eye and lots of scaring the remaining crew were rescued within a day by the USS Endeavour.

He spent some time on Starbase 456 healing. His brothers were promoted to Lieuteant Commander cause how severe it was losing a father but also being brave when it happened. Tj was promoted to Commander for his know missing eye he was offered cybernetics but he refused. Alongside his brother's he was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

He transferred to the Marine corps cause he felt his skills would be better there he was accepted and he returned to the Academy to be trained as a Marine. He was hard with missing an eye but he pulled through it and completed his training.

After his training was complete be became the First Officer and a Marine Commanding Officer. It was different leading a team of soldiers and being a XO but he loved his job and having to offices. Sadly after 3 years, the ship was deconstructed and Tj's team was re-assigned to another starship.

Tj and his team were transferred to the USS Pathfinder. Tj had his old job as the XO and still commanding his marine team. He was proud to serve on this starship because it always made him feel special and wanted a year later his sister Zoey Perkins contacted him about a posting on the USS Wayfarer as it's First Officer. What made this special? Zoey said the Captain was just like dad just in female form.

He accepted her offer Tj has been broken since his passing. Now on the Wayfarer focusing on his Executive duties, he's looking forward to a longe assignment here.
Service Record 2376 - Present
USS Wayfarer
Executive Officer
Lieutenant Colonel - Present

2375 - 2376
USS Pathfinder
Executive Officer & Marine Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Colonel - Lieutenant Colonel

2373 - 2375
USS Templar
Executive Officer & Marine Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Colonel - Lieutenant Colonel

2373 - 2373
Starfleet Academy
Marine training
Lieutenant Colonel - Lieutenant Colonel

Transferred to Marine corps

Received promotion to Commander and give the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor

Crew rescued by the USS Endeavour and taken to Starbase 456.

Warp core breach saucer section separated and crashlanded on planet H-887

2370 - 2373
USS Ark Royal
Chief Operations Officer
Lieuteant Junior Grade

2362 - 2370
USS Solar Lady
Yeoman & Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade

2359 - 2362
USS Endeavour
Yeoman & Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Cadet Sophmore - Ensign

2358 - 2359
Starfleet Academy
Major: Command & Control
Minor: Operations
Cadet Freshmen - Cadet Sophmore