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Missing you.

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 10:13pm by Lieutenant JG Pepone

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Medical Office


Pepone stood running the calibration test of Biobed two, hair in a Ponytai and the uniform crisp as usual. Pressing the sequence was routine for the Watu Native. The time in Star Fleet is more than interesting as it opened up many new perspectives that had Pepone stayed on the Home Planet never would have experienced.

The tone of the Incoming Communications sounded, Pepone let the Biobed do it's thing; as Humans often said, while moving to the desk and console monitor.

The symbol was well known to Pepone; it would hav to be her, no one else would reach out so quickly after Pepone's departure. Tapping the connection the screen lit with a familiar round face with high cheeks surrounded by the Blonde Lockes and the deepest blue eyes that reminded Pepone of the sky on Earth during a clear day.

"Pepone." The Girl said with a bright smile of glee.

"Joanne." Pepone grinned while speaking, and instantly noted the look of inspection from the Past Command's friend. "I did not expect to hear from you so quick..."

"Really... you are going for the neutrality again?" Joanne scolded. "I thought you were liking the being one of the Girls?" She actually pouted, a strange humanoid feminine trait that Pepone never fully understood..

"It is a new Command and there are none of the..." The darkening of Joanne's always bubbly face did the desired effect upon Pepone, it is not easy putting a dark cloud in those sparkling eyes.

Pepone reach behind the heaqd and loosened the Leather strip used to hold tha ponytail; hair escaped after being bound, falling well past the shoulders. Running fingers through the mane to give it a bit of body Pepone had to smile and chuckled at the fact it seemed nessarry to even go to this extent for a communications. Shaking her head a bit Pepone refocused the gaze upon Joanne.

"Okay Girlfriend, better?" Pepone aske while knowing the answer as the friend's face lit back up.

"That's My Girl." Joanne would have bounced on her toes were she not sitting by a monitor. "Oh, I almost forgot..."

Here it came, the reason for the Comunique.

"Kelsa had her baby." Joanne squeaked. "Such a cute baby."

"She was not due for another three weeks I thought?" Pepone interjected. " Putting some loose hair behind her left ear. "Is the baby okay.

"Oh he is a bouncing Boy..." Joanne did a hand motion dismissing any concerns. "If he had gone full term she might have birth a mark Ten Torpedo casing sized baby."

"I am so happy for her." Pepone winked and did the exaggerated kissing thing. "Give them my love." Winking and her own joy at the birth of their mutual friends child. "How is Malcolm taking to it?"

"Real cigars." Joanne laughed. "Kelsa said the Ferengi really saw Malcolm coming, but it is..."

"A Guy thing." Pepone nodded. "I know about that ."

"Oh yeah... you went to the Bachlor Party when they heard she was pregnant and decided to get married right away?" Joanne pointed out.

"Yeah, wanted to 'Make an honest woman' of her." Pepone joked. "Though cigars are nasty by the way." Pepone shook the head at that memory. "Coughed myself silly."

"Why do Guys torture themselves?"

"I inhaled, a Cigar is not a Cigarette, the flavor is to be savored..." Rolling Pepones eyes. "Never understood it and likely never will." Winking.

"Any hunks on your New ship?"

"I do not know what you mean?" Pepone replied and had to chuckled to one's self. "I really have not noticed."

"Oh come on, are you telling me Yoiu have no eye candy Girlfriend?" JOanne whined.

"Nope, no one has turned my head yet."

"Okay, by my Standards then?" JOanne ammended.

"Dozens..." Pepone replied flatly.

"You are so bad." Joanne flusheed slightly. "You make me sound... like a loose woman?"

"No, just one well aware of the opposite sex." Pepone made her point. "YOu do kind of live for the Eye Candy."

"Do not..."

Do so...

The awkward silence lasted all of two seconds, Joanne was not one to hide her emotions.

"Fine, so spill..."

The next quarter hour wazs the feminine version of an inquisition about the male population of the Wayfarer, Pepone had to think a litte about the observations of a portion of the crew, leaving the female humanoids out of her conversation. The two bantered aboiut what trait wa smost appealing and who filled those traits by Pepone's perspective.

"Oh dear, My lunch is over... gotta run." Joanne said and smiled. "Call you later with report on the new batch of transfers at my end." She sighed. "Will be a short conversation as nothing really standing out thus far."

"I look forward to it." Pepone gave the salutation. "Give my love to the Girls." Then blew a kiss and cut the connection.

A cleansing breath and Pepone started to put the hair back in the Ponytail.

"Old Girlfriend?" Janice the Alpha Shift nurse asked.

"Not like you think." Pepone cinched the leather tie. "She is what could be defined; by human standards, as a BFF." Standing. "I really should get back to the task I suppose?"

"I closed the end cycle of the calibration Doctor." Janice informed.

"That is what I like about you Janice, you fill in for my Flighty nature." Pepone grinned.

This was going to be an enjoyable command.


Lt. JG Pepone
Deputy Chief Medical Officer.
PNPC of Ileah.


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