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Dr. Sean Octopus

Name Dr. Sean Octopus (ELH MK. II)

Position Medical Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Holographic El-Aurian

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Bushy brown eyes white skin tone moderate build.


Other Family Vuzkun Zarot - Template

Personality & Traits

General Overview A computer program that is better than the last model.

Service Record Index
Wayfarer's ELH MK II

Wayfarer's ELH MK II
The ship's ELH II was tested at Starfleet Engineering with a team of Starfleet Engineers. This ELH was tested before being uploaded to the Wayfarer at Starbase 001 After transporter Captain Sprague to Earth.

The ELH MK II has the knowledge of cultures and medical techniques and Counseling abilities.

Vuzkun Zarot
Vuzkun Zarot was an El-Aurian who served there Nation majoring in Medicine and worked as a Naval Officer up to the rank of Commodore. But with the Borg attack, his life was lost including his wife and 2 children. In 2293 at the age of 373, he was accepted as a refugee to United Earth. On Earth, he recovered himself from losing his wife and children.

In 2298 he left his 5-year job as a Doctor to join Starfleet which he majored in Medicine once again. 2322 he was offered Captaincy of the Starfleet Medical ship USS Geneva he took it with great pride. 30 years later he became the taskforces XO at the rank of Fleet Captain and 8 years (2360) later he became Director of Starfleet Medicine at the rank of Commodore

When the Dominion War broke out he took control of the Geneva (2373) to heal soldiers and get them back to the front still holding the role of Director of Starfleet Medicine. A year later his ship was under heavy fire and was damaged beyond repair a nearby starship rescued the crew and took them to the nearest Starbase where Vuzkun Zarot was promoted to Rear Admiral for his heroism but he passed the same day, he couldn't hold onto life anymore.

Doctor Zarot was chosen to be the next LMH simply because unlike any other Admiral he left his post to lead at the front.