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Pulling Teeth

Posted on Mon Mar 8th, 2021 @ 6:38am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins

Mission: The Captains Child

It had been twenty four hours since Akeno had spoken to TJ. SHe had gone through everything in her mind, she still wasn't sure why he had done what he had. Pulling a phaser on his captain was still a big deal, but right now she needed his expertise at his station.

"At ease" she said holding a hand up to the guard who was stationed outside of his door. He seemed a little sheepish and guilty looking. Akeno stopped and looked him up and down. "Everything ok Ensign?" she asked curiously.

"Yes Captain. I'm fine, everythings fine" he said in what seemed like a slightly nervous tone. Shrugging it off Akeno opened the locked doors of TJ's quarters and stepped inside. "Colonel" she called.

Tj sat in front of the door surround by a circle of candles and only wearing his Starfleet issue trousers. He had plenty of time now he started to bring back old memories from his childhood. Playing with his brothers as a child but that was all gone.

Upon Captain Misaki's arrival, Tj still sat with his legs crossed in a ring of candlelight. "Captain." He replied back with his eyes closed.

Thats like something right out of the movies... Akeno thought to herself. "Colonel" she said softly. "I have come to talk to you regarding the incident the other day" she stated. "I want to make sure that your mind is recovering"

"Interesting choice of words." Tj said with a grin across his cheek, "Ask away Captain."

Akeno sighed. "I want to know if you have got over all your anger issues? Or do you still need help?" she asked.

"I believe so," Tj replied

"That doesn't answer my question" Akeno stated simply. "I can't allow you back on duty until I am sure you are in the right frame of mind. Plus I still need you to be evaluated by a psychiatric exam" she explained to him. "Otherwise it's a court martial and possible dismissal from the fleet; neither of us want that"

"Yes," Tj said opening his eyes, "Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Erm..." This was like pulling teeth. "I want to hear you explain why you did it all, properly. And why that poor Ensign out there seems rather... nervous"

"You have no command experience that could destroy everything in a heartbeat. I was fixing that by replacing you... Oh, Ensign Tyler... Cheated on his girlfriend with me he's fresh outta Academy." Tj replied with no shade of regret on his face.

Akeno blinked a few times at hearing about Tyler. "Wait, you mean, you and him... did... you know..." she began to blush, this was not the conversation she was expecting at this time. "Thats against regulations!"

"I'm not a woman of the night... I talked with him from the Holodeck to my room... Lucky Molly." Tj said.

"You know what, I don't even want to know..." Akeno said shaking her head. "What I do want to know is are you prepared to undergo an psyciatric exam?"

"I am," Tj replied.

Akeno paused for a second. "Ok" she said in reply. "So, then you can start by apologising to me for trying to take over my ship and promise that you'll follow my orders without question and without fail"

"I apologise and promise I'll follow your orders without questing and failure. "Tj said in a sorta robotic style of voice.

Akeno scowled. "That doesn't even sound like you meant it"

"Want me to perform a play?" He asked sarcastically.

"I want you to take this seriously and act like you mean it, or else you'll be finding your career coming to a swift end. Stop trying to play 'hard ass' with me, because it ai t going to work!" Akeno told him.

"I actually am... You're not just not hearing me." Tj replied.

"It sounds to me like you still don't care, as long as you get the right answer" Akeno said crossing her arms. She turned back towards the door. "If you're serious about saving your career Colonel, give me a call. If not I'll let you sit in here until I can find someone to take you back to a Starbase for court martial" she said simply as she opened the door.

"Then farewell Captain see you at the trail," Tj said still on his knees but now looking up at her.

Akeno simply sighed as she turned and left the room. "I'll give you some more time to think about it. Ideally I don't want to lose a good officer" she said as she stepped through the door, it swished closed behind her.

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