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Posted on Mon Mar 8th, 2021 @ 6:35am by Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: "HERE"
Timeline: present
Tags: Arrival

Lt.jg, Alurfye Nava, the USS Wayfarer's new Assistant Chief Security Officer, has just managed, to get all his luggage off the shuttle he came-in on.

"Well, my first assignment aboard a Star Ship." he thought, as he looked around the Shuttle Bay. After a quick scan of the bay He finally spots where ships lift system is he turns back to survey his neat pile of belonging finding his
fold-out collapsible Luggage Trolley. After fully deploying it so all its hinges lock into place, he piles all his assorted baggage on it. He makes to the ship's lift system he press the lift "retrieve" button beside its door he Luckily catches one, that empty.

"Deck 5, Please." he tells the lift control monitor. "When I get settled in I'll, inform my parents, that I finally got here in one piece." he thinks to himself as the lift doors opens depositing him on the ship's 5th floor.

He then winds his way past the crew members in the passages, as finds his way to his Quarters. Politely acknowledging everyone he passes, saluting when he feels it necessary. Being use to to it by now doesn't the let the prolonged stare and whispers bother him.

Eventually finding his quarters he hauls his Luggage Trolley over the threshold as its door opens. upon entering the room He surveys the area looking for the bed, which he parks the Trolley beside it. Not even taking time to unload anything, He turns to face the rooms door.
"Well!" he sighs deeply, as he straightens his uniform "I'm off to find Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Basil Dampfish, and report in." he declares audibly, and firmly. Drawing himself to attention orders "in hand" by his right side he marches off to find Lieutenant Basil Dampfish.

Comm badges are such a joy for a Girl to use in finding someone, especially when the Officer of the Deck did not acknowledge a new arrival, and Ileah had to leave the bridge to meet the officer. This is just another time where the ever vigilant Captain's Yeoman Tends to make her actual functions known.

Having narrowed where the man in question resides and placing herself at the Nearest Turbo Lift, Ileah waited for him to come close. Still not used to the Skirted uniform; as she is the Captain's Yeoman and her choice of 'alternate' uniform options is the price of being close in the Captain's confidences and allows her to stand out and be noticed as a Yeoman.

"Lieutenant Jay-Gee Alurfye Nava." She opened with a smile. "It is customary to meet the Officer of the Deck and gain permission to board." She winked and grinned a bit more broadly. "Even if said Officer is constantly late to everything." SHe offered a slight bow. "My apologies as Captain's Yeoman I should have been more diligent in seeing to your arrival."

Tilting her head to check his uniform over as presentable; wstandard procedure and a person's uniform is a reflection of the person; hence the reason her is always tailored and pressed.

I am Lieutenant Ileah, Yeoman to Captain Misaki." She introduced herself. "The Captain is engaged in a Survey and I will relay her regrets as not having met you at the shuttle, may I see your Transfer orders? I am autherized to relay the data to the Captain herself." SHe chuckled. "You kow hw it is a yeoman does all the heavy lifting of paperwork and the Captain signs them off."

Location: "Some Where on USS Wayfarer's deck 5
"It's the "Little People" behind the scenes that always make things work, Lt.Ileah." Chuckled Lt. Nava, as he handed her his Transfer Orders.

"Thank you for the complement." Ileah accepted the orders and skimmed them over sure she had the authority to acknowledge his presence as having boarded, half the time she was sent to meet new Officers but the survey had her busy. "Well Lieutenant..."

Lleah added her notation and acceptance as reporting aboard the ship. "You have been welcomed as arriving on the USS Wayfarer." She glanced to him and winked, as she also called the turbo lift with the PADD functions. "Like any good establishment you are basically checking into your room, if you want to work we have to get the Boss to sign you off." Snapping her fingers to have the doors open. "Express ride to the top." She gave a slight flurry of a gesture.

Lieutenant JG Alurfye Nava Ensign joined Lt.Ileah in ship's for a ride to USS Wayfarer's Bridge.
"This is a fairly big here aught to be Interesting." LTjg, Nava thought as he turned to the Yeoman, Lt. Lleah, and her, "How long have you been with this "Establishment"?"

"Longer than some and less that others." She grinned. "Is that not akin to asking a lady her age?" Ileah winked as the Turbo Lift ascended. "But as you were polite, I came in the last rotation of crew and the Captain treats like I have been here for years." She look ahead to monitor the progress. "Be warned the Captain is feminine and thus touchy about her appearance, don't stare nor comment about it. Look her in the eye and you should measure up in her opinion."

" Understood and Noted." Lt. jg Nava slightly; politely chuckled as he replied to Lt. Lleach looking her straight in eyes. "Oh, when do I meet Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Lieutenant Basil Dampfish?" he asks.

"Last I saw him he was on the Bridge as well, pending deployment on a shuttle Survey." Ileah informed. "You might catch him before he departs but if you report into the Captain she could assign you to man the Tactical Panel while the Chief is out?" She mentioned. "Not that I am in command. The Captain might see you as having perfect timing to be here while the Chief is gone," SHe nod to him. "She is a whimsical person so do not be surprised. "

The chime sounded signaling the arrival at the destination and the doors opened to allow access to the bridge.


Lt Ileah
Captain's Yeoman.


Lt. JG Alurfye Nava Ensign
Deputy Chief Security.


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