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Posted on Fri Jan 8th, 2021 @ 10:52pm by Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins

Mission: The Captains Child

Tj had just exited from the holodeck with Captain Misaki working on his anger he wasn't hurt much just a few bruises and sore areas but nothing much just stuff he had received from the field but since the falling of the Ark Royal he's always been in pain never liked admitting it or bringing it up but it was something he had to deal with. In his eyes, he could have easily killed the Captain and take her position in a heartbeat and if an Admiral asked where she was Tj could just say she is unwell and the doctor says she has to stay in bed and Tj would be the Acting Captain. And bring everyone around to the idea that he was better suited for Captaincy but her Yeomen would see through it and try to get him arrested. But there was plenty of time to create the mystery of the missing captain.

Stepping outside the holodeck he was greeted by his escort who held a phaser rifle. He had the pips of Ensign on his golden collar blue hair with thick black eyebrows and blue eyes like the sea in Florida. "Ensign Tyler," He said, "I'll be escorting you to your room and on guard." Tj didn't reply he just lead them into the turbolift. "Where you from kid?" Tj asked

"I'm not supposed to be talking to you," Tyler replied.

"Got anyone back home?" Tj asked trying to start a topic so he wouldn't have died of boredom by the time he got back to his room.

"...just a girl... Her name is Molly... Molly Cooper she's training to be a doctor." Tyler said relaxing his muscles as the one-eyed man seemed non-hostile to him.

"That's sweet. Good luck to her." Tj answered seeming like a friend. "Oh call me Tj... Hate sir or rank name...I'm a person too."

"I know what you mean Tj I keep getting called Ensign or you," Tyler said standing at the back of the turbo lift with a slight smile.

"How old are you? You seem way too young to even be in Starfleet." Tj asked placing his hands behind his back looking at the panel inside the turbo lift.

"Yeah, I get that a lot. I'm only 21 left University at 19." Tyler answered looking down at his feet with a smile still across his face possibly thinking of himself and Molly there.

Before Tj could ask anything else the turbolift doors swiftly and with style opened himself and Tyler walked out and walked softly on the carpet that was the flooring for the corridor it wasn't a long walk just a corner turn and they were there being the First Officer he had to be the nearest lift in case of problems that should arrive. Tj entered his room and stood in the doorway watching as Tyler took his place beside the door. "Come in T;" Tj said.

Tyler saw no problem with Tj but being an Ensign being caught talking with the person he should be guarding could have him removed from Starfleet but he hadn't been treated like this by any other senior officer and won't be until he's a Lieuteant Junior Grade. Maybe just for a minute, so he followed Tj into his room being a Marine you would think that he'd have swords hanging on walls. He didn't, he decorated very civilly.

Tj sat two glass cups full of a clear liquid out on a glass table that looked at the door and out of the ship. "It's water," Tj said pulling a chair out and sitting down. You can drink with your gun but that could hurt your wrist.

Tyler still seeing no threat but his career being lost sat his rifle up against the entrance he walked over and sat across from the fallen warrior. He took a sip of the water after asking. "Have you got anyone sir?"

"No... Just sparks no flames though." Tj answered than taking a sip of water

Tyler didn't know what to ask next instead he just took a sip of the water and placed his hand on the table

Tj moved his hand onto Tyler's small hand and gently stroked his palm with his thumb. Tyler didn't know what to do his brain was either thinking of reporting or go with it and not telly Molly. "I've never done stuff with a guy sir," Tyler said biting his lip.

"It's okay," Tj said leaning over the table and passionately pecked Tyler's lips afterwards he got up from his seat grasped Tyler's hand and lead him into the bedroom that was behind Tj. While Tyler still looking unsure went along with it.

Several hours later
Tj and Tyler laid underneath the bed sheets with their uniforms littered around the bed. Tj was on his side facing Tyler has he slept retracing what had happened with his guard. Tj nudged Tyler trying to wake him up. "Wake up," he said softly "Before someone see's you. then kept poking the blue hair Ensign that laid in his bed in his Quarters.

Tyler woke up and rubbed his eyes then looked at Tj and smiled. "Your right...It's been fun." Then got up and collected his uniform before stepping into the bathroom to change back into his uniform. When he came back into the bedroom Tj still laid there looking at the ceiling then to Tyler and smiling. Tyler smiled back at him and gave him a wink before collecting his rife and returning to where he should have been.

Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins
Executive Officer
USS Wayfarer


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