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Taking Command

Posted on Thu Nov 26th, 2020 @ 9:30pm by Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins & Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Basil Dampfish & Lieutenant JG Raymond Delvis Bailey Sr & Ensign Robert Lee Jr.
Edited on on Sun Dec 13th, 2020 @ 9:44am

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Shuttlebay


The USS Wayfarer had returned to Earth several days ago. Captain Sprague had departed and for now Commander Misaki was in command. That however was all going to change.

The cool San Francisco Air rolled over the bay as Akeno lent on the balcony overlooking the lapping waters below. She had spent many hours here today at Starfleet Command. However she hadn't ever thought that this would have been the day she was made into a full Captain.

According to several Admirals, Starfleet was short on Captains after the losses of the Dominion War only a year ago. Many younger officers had climbed the ranks quickly to replace those who had been in the higher positions only a year or two ago. Four golden pips now shone in the light on her maroon collar as she stared over the landscape.

"Spacedock to Captain Misaki. We're ready to recieve you" her comm badge called. Akeno sighed and then stood up straight, tapping the silver delta and gold wings on her chest. "Ready to beam up. Energise"

She was caught in a haze of blue and white lights before appearing a few seconds later in the transporter room. She was met by two security officers who led her out of the room in an old Naval tradition when a new Captain took command of the ship. However she wasn't on the Wayfarer yet.

She boarded one of the starbases shuttlecrafts which would take her over to the Wayfarer which was currently sitting in one of the many drydocks. It was having a few basic repairs before it was due to ship out in a few days time.

The ride over didn't take long, only a few minutes and the type eight shuttle touched down in the Wayfarers shuttlebay. Akeno straightened her uniform as the hatch lowered to reveal a small podium lined with a red carpet and equipped with a microphone. Several crew members stood around in a small semi-circle to welcome the new Captain on board.

Tj had been on the ship since it docked at Starbase 001 and while it was taken over to San Francisco shipyards. He had a lot on his mind but nothing that would affect his duty's.

Dampfish stood stiffly formal in the back of the room, out of place while trying to not appear out of place. He had spent some time at Starfleet Academy while the Wayfarer went through its renovation.

Lee decided against going down to rural southeast North America, doing so would require him going behind the officers back to use it. He wants to be there for his son's second birthday but he didn't want to start breaking rules and regulations as it would lead to more. He still wants to get that promotion to no longer be ensign after six years of holding such rank. He stands at parade rest, uniform crisp and all as he looks on to see as he stands there with his right hand grasping his left wrist and his right foot firmly planeted.

Akeno stepped up onto the podium and looked around at her crew. She smiled as she recognised some of their faces. There were a few new ones, but for now she at least knew some of them.

"I, Captain Akeno Misaki hereby take command of the Starship Wayfarer as of this date" she said. "As your new Captain I promise to server the Federation and Starfleet as per my training, and to protect you all to the best of my ability. As of now, the ships logs will state that I am now in command." she looked around at the crew simply smiling at them.

"Attention on Deck" she called.

Ileah stood off and to the back behind the podium, being a good yeoman and unobtrusive, she had her PADD in hand with the data relaying to Spooky's Database. Standing in a skirted uniform like the Captain was not really something she would do normally but 'united front' and all that dictate she take the optional uniform. The new pile of forms and signatures required just to leave Space Dock would take her time to get sorted for the Captain to do her job, officially.

LtJG Bailey stumbled in after he heard all hands on deck he nearly tripped over the XO and Lleah making the XO lose his balance and said "sorry I am late I was in the Loo"

Tj pushed Bailey back only back by a few metres. "My office failure." Tj said frustrated with Bailey he spoke with him before the speech then he lied to his face but now he couldn't even be organised. "I owner how he deals with department management." He said to himself in his head.

Tj stood at attention though it is usually called during the announcement it's her first time.

"Right people. Get this ship prepared for departure. A briefing of the senior staff will be called within the next two hours" Akeno ordered.

"Crew Dismissed"

The hulking human steps off out of formation and goes about what Lee is suppose to do to be ready. Might as well make sure all equipment in the armory is accounted for again.

LtJg Bailey heard the following command and said "If we are done here I am going to the bar I need drank its been a long day"

Tj dropped with a sigh of relief and excited heading to the Captain's ready room. "Time to check-in at the hotel." He thought to himself.

Lee continues about what he was doing, waiting and checking in for the final send off of the Wayfarer from the Starbase.

LTJG Bailey Comes back in nearly running into the XO again and say " here the scamaditc of the planet you order sir here's you copy" as he sent it to the XOs PADD "and I also the captain should receive it as well now I need that drank " he then walk out of the area and to 10-foward for a drank.

Tj hands went into fists. He lost control of his emotions year ago but they didn't get control of him yet. Tj raised an eyebrow when Bailey said he brought back schematics of a planet. "Thanks." He said confused. Tj didn't request schematics for a planet and if he did it wouldn't be from the Science department it would be from the Operation Department. "Theirs a spy among us." He said to himself. "Wonder if we have a intelligence department with a leader with...colourful ideas."

"I find that Mister Bailey is not a Model for Social nor formal graces." Ileah commented from behind the Executive Officer. "I found some better manners when I was serving the Chu'wI' sir?" She interjected as she kept an eye on the progress of the Captain. "Even Klingons knew the proper times for Bolld Wine." SHe said almost while moving near him towards the door.

Tj continued to walk while the yeoman trailed behind him. "Tell me." He said. "Have we got an intelligence department on? Or any intelligence officers?" The thought of a mole in the ranks was interesting and Bailey being that mole wouldn't surprise him. All that acting dumb and being such a loyal officer.

Ileah thought of Spooky and how the Executive Officer would have a fun time trying to get him out of the Intel Office.

"Yes, there is an Intellegence Chiefthat is quite good at the task of gaining intel and analysis process." Ileah replied calmly. "Lt. Justin Casey Specter is the INtel chief and resides nearly exclusively in his Offices; he is not a social type but greta at crunching the Inten Data numbers and such. Though even the Captain sends me to deal with Specter, he is quite... unique."

"Good...." Tj said. "Good... I shall see him at once. And you're ordered to not speak of this to anyone." He said stilling walking but slower this time towards the door.

"Have fun with Spooky." She said more to herself as she clutch the PADD to her chest and decided to find a quiet speace to just gather her thoughts.


Captain Akeno Misaki
Commanding Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins
Executive Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Ileah
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Basil Dampfish
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Raymond Delvis Bailey Sr
Chief Science Officer
USS Wayfarer

Ensign Robert Lee Jr.
Tactical Officer
USS Wayfarer


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