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Yeoman makes herself noticed.

Posted on Mon Nov 23rd, 2020 @ 9:19pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Ileah

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Station waiting ship arrivial
Timeline: Waiting phase.


Ileah made her way to the Bridge, the Captain was in her Ready Room. Waiting for the doors to open she tug on the hem of her skirt; why had the Captain chosen the shorter length; a quarter of a foot will not seem like much but Ileah preferred knee length for her comfort. At least the black dance tights gave her some propriety with the Bloomer she was covered she just would like to have made a better impression.

She was in proper form; pressed and the polite but impassive as she strode across the bridge avoiding the eyes that she knew were upon her. She had; like Orion females, accepted the attention. The click of her boots upon the deck her only disturbance to the symphony of conversations and electronic music in the background. The Helmsman was bored as he concentrated on the console and trying not to look up, some manners showed.

At the door she rang the chime.

"Come in" Came the voice of a young woman.

One more smoothing of her skirt before she entered the Ready Room with her Padd holding her transfer to this Commanding Officer; a sleeve that Ileah had managed to even get the Intel report on her, not a threatening sleeve and the Captain was actually thought to be a very good Officer just prior to this promotion.

Stopping across the desk from the Captain she stood properly and offered the orders.

"Lieutenant Ileah your new Yeoman at your service." She gave her a warm smile. "Thank you for accepting the transfer Captain."

There on the otherside of the desk sat a young light brown haired Japanese woman. She seemed to be buried in PADDS and paperwork. "Hi" she said simply. "Please excuse the mess, it seems as if Captain Sprague didn't do anything, so I've got weeks of paperwork to catch up on" she explained. She let out a sigh. "And I hate it all! I feel like I've been locked up in here for days!"

Moving around to peer over her shoulder at the scattering of PADDS on the desk she gave a quick scan; the mix of requresitions and even a few reports that had the red lettering of a Command Level Grade requrement. Picking one up she held it.

"You might want to look at the left corner for those with red lettering." Ileah pointed three more out to her. "These are the Captain's Eyes only..." reading the one she had in hand, confidant her level was well within the parameters so that she could work with the Captain. "This is an Intel report on the Pirate activity within the sector of Badlands and the Cardassian empire. Pointing out possible escalation in Maquis rebrith." SHe acknowledged it. "The Chief Intel can check that out, I will see to it and save you the concentration on more pressing matters."

Putting the thre other reports in front of the Captain.

"Wait, these are colour coded?" Akeno asked cocking her head to one side in confusion. "I mean, I've done this before. But never so many at once. Plus we can't leave spacedock until I've finished this..." she seemed like on the verge of crying.

"You have but to do two things to help make this so much easier on you ma'am." Ileah hinted.

Akeno blinked several times as if clueless. "Oh..." she said looking at the woman. "You said you were my yeoman didn't you?" she asked a smile creeping across her face.

Moving her orders to the Captain.

"Accept my transfer and ask me to take care of what I can for you." She gave a subtle wink and a regal grin. "Then sit back and have the thumb ready to pass what I cannot do without you. Which will be minimal."

"So you can do my homework for me then?" she asked with a slight smile.

"I'll make you an 'A' student Captain." The Deltan mused.

"Only an A?" Akeno asked. "No stars on the end?" she whined.

"If I might be so bold, what would you give yourself as a grade at the moment?" The Yeoman said. "I would say if you allow I should get these taken care of, that way you will look good and maybe even allow us to depart."

Akeno shrugged. "Knowing me, probably a D or something" she admitted. She pushed the PADDS towards the Yeoman. "Its all yours if you want it..."

"Thumb the magic accept button and all this goes away Oh Captain my Captain as you autherize me to do my Job at the proper level." Ileah smiled brightly. "I hold the right to pass you any that I cannot directly complete myself."

Akeno simply pressed her thumb against the sensor. "All yours"

Ileah skimmed over the spread out Padds for a couple of seconds then with a deftness showing this is a routine occurrence she cleared the Captain's desk of the devices like a Gambler collecting large cards to form a Deck.

"Thank you Captain." Glancing to her New Commanding officer. "I will get through these in the Order by which they are required."

Nodding she went from behind the desk to the sitting area across from the Captain and placed the PADDs on the small table and moved to the replicator.

"The Chief of Intelligence has been seen aboard, according to his file he tends to be a recluse so I will swing by his office regularly for you Ma'am?" Ileah asked while programming her own drink. "Would you like tea or something While I am here Captain, I neeed to learn your routines but I promise to be unobtrusive?"

"No, I'm good" Akeno replied simply with a smile. "You're a yeoman, I can get my own tea. There's no need to be a maid"

"Captain, I offered as a polite gesture as I am here and a common courtesy." She said with a slight smile. "I do not do windows so the whole 'Maid' reference is not needed; I was on a Klingon Vessel; trust me, I can walk around clutter if it is not my responsibility and I see you age good at cleaning up after yourself." She winked. "Now then; since I am at the replicator can I get you something ... also?"

"No I'm good thanks" Akeno smiled.

"Oh and for the record ma'am. Ileah said. You had to approve my transfer because your XO had me stand at attention, asked if I had seen you or the sick Bay and when I answered told me to not speak until spoken to and dismissed me without doing his Duty as Officer of the deck and approving my transfer so I could follow regulations."

"Yeah, he seems a little strict" Akeno said. "I'll approve your transfer easily" she said simply. "Welcome aboard officially!"

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