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Our first mission orders & a shock

Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2020 @ 9:35am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins & Lieutenant Ileah & Lieutenant Basil Dampfish & Lieutenant JG Raymond Delvis Bailey Sr

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Briefing Room/Bridge

With the Wayfarer now en route to towards the edge of Federation Space, Akeno called the senior staff to their first briefing together. She arrived first into the conference room and took the seat at the head of the table. In her hand she held a PADD with their mission orders on.

Tj entered the room. He was sorting out the new crew that had joined. He walked into the room and noticed the Captain but didn't make any noise. He pulled out a chair on the Captain's right and sat himself down.

Ileah had entered before the Captain; as was her duty as Yeoman to make preparations for thisd meeting. She remained quiet and unobtrusive and fough the urge to pull down the hem of her skirted uniform as she was wearing it to be in accordance with her Captain. The First officer was tehe seeming type to be stuck upon procedures and thus Ileah made sure that her duties are strictly followed.

On her Padd she held the Chief Intellegence Officer's analysis of the coming mission along with a few additions she had gained while doing her work for the Captain. Ileah would be confidant when the Intel report is called for she will deliver it and had the knowledge to field any question from the report.

Spooky is a very through at what needs be done and crunching the statistical data the specialty.

Lt.jg Bailey Enters the room and stands by ships scamatics as he looks at his PADD getting ready to go
Reviewing over the scamadics he sent over to the captain earlier that day.

Dampfish passed by the replicator on his way to the back of the room. "Tall Robusto Lungo, 30-second pull, black", he said, tapping a finger as the cup materialized.

"I'll have Green tea Mr Dampfish since your pouring," Tj said smiling and lent back into his seat clear view of Dampfish.

"Tea, Green, um" he glanced to Tj. "Hot. Plain". The mug materialized, and he juggled both onto the back of the PADD he carried with him everywhere. There was an open seat next to Tj, so he set them down carefully between them. "Not sure of the flavor," he commented, "but coffee does not matter too much for me. I'm still looking for a proper replicator recipe. Beans don't ship long distance too well."

Tj's lip touched the rim of the cup he took a sip then placed it down on the table. "My taste buds are damaged this is the only thing I can drink sadly." Tj said with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

"MIght I suggest Coffee Blend 13579; it was an experiment don by scanning with a medical tricorder and the chemical breakdown of both the grounds and the coffee while prepared on a Holodeck." Ileah had stepped close; it was her duty as Yeoman to be of service. "The blend has been rated at 91.378% accurate. "The Beans were SOuth American if I recall?"

Once everyone had sat down Akeno looked around her staff. "Our first mission is a simple one. Starfleet picked up a nebula a few weeks ago via long range probes. It has similar properties to your standard run of the mill nebula, however strange readings have been picked up" she explained.

"We are to chart the nebula and to find the source of these strange readings" she said.

"Why are they sending us and not a nova class?" Tj asked.

"Starfleet are still short on ships. Plus, we've got a good science capability. The Intrepid Class was primarily designed as a science explorer and surveyor" Akeno replied.

"Plus, we'll be using some of our shuttles to cover more ground and expand our sensor capabilities" she added. "I need volunteers to fly out and take readings"

" As I look at these scamadics there are some life forms inside that nebula permission to bei on away team captain "said Bailey

Akeno nodded. "We have two type nines and a type eight on board. The type nines would be best suited. Find a co-pilot Lieutenant and you can take one out" Akeno replied.

"This should be a nice and easy warmup. We'll get to see what this ship can do" Akeno said.

Tj stood up from his chair. "Captain with me." He ordered then proceed to step out of the lounge and onto the bridge.

Akenos eyes narrowed as she rose to her feet. "Talk amongst yourselves" she said simply as she followed TJ.

Tj folded his arms and leant against the wall behind him. "What you playing at?!" He demanded. "Wanting department heads to fly when we have a department solely for that... And the other department heads only have basic piloting training. It is my strong belief... That you have successfully seduced an Admiral for this position. What the hell are you playing at kid?!" Tj had looked at her file before meeting in person only a month of First Officer duty something must have been done for her Captain role. While Tj has been a First Officer for 3 years but command thought he was too fanatic militarist for any captaincy.

"Colonel" Akeno began. "Who the hell do you think you're talking to?" She asked simply a firmness in her voice. "I will NOT get spoken to in such a way, I am not one of your grunts in the marine corps. I am the Captain of this starship and you listen and carry out my orders, without question, without fail" she paused. "And frankly, how dare you question how I got this command. If you haven't noticed, Starfleet has just been through one of the bloodiest war in our history. I'm here in command as a matter of circumstance. If you EVER accuse me of abusing the system just because my reproductive organs are on the inside rather than on the outside, show me up like that in front of my staff or talk to me like that again; I'll bust yoi down back to Private and you'll be on the next slowest transport to wherever you call home!"

"Now remove the rod out of your marine arse, get back in there and apologise to those officers. If you can't do that then I will be reconsidering your role on this ship and I WILL be noting this incident in the official ships logs" she paused again a few people now staring across the bridge. "Is that understood Colonel?"

"You don't know who you have declared war on kid!" Tj shouted possibly people in the lounge heard. Tj walked across the bridge. "Ops contact Intelligence High Command on a secure channel and put it in my ready room." Tj's family was large and vast if this Captain left for a conference she wouldn't be coming back.

"Belay that order" Akeno ordered.

"Lieutenant Dampfish" she said tapping her comm badge. "Place Mister Perkins under arrest and escort him to the brig under charges of insubordination" she ordered simply.

Tj stood in the mid-section of the bridge. He turned around and shook his head at her pitty attempts. He walked towards to Command chairs and within drew the phaser pistol that was attached behind his seat. He aimed it at her and waited for Dampfish to enter.

"Misaki to Dampfish. I wouldn't come out here. Colonel Perkins has a phaser pointed towards me. I do not know his intentions" she said tapping her comm badge.

"Dampfish to Security. Two armed details to the bridge, on the double" said Basil as he headed toward the door. Exiting to the bridge, he eased himself between Tj and Akeno. He pulled out his phaser and aimed at Tj. A swift check showed it set at stun.

Akeno approached slowly. "Lower your phaser and surrender Colonel. This is now mutiny, you'll be facing court martial for this. Its not going to end well for you" she said simply. She made her way towards the helm there was a phaser hidden under its surface. If she could get to it she could stun him and stop this madness in its tracks. "Are you really wanting to risk everything over this?".

Tj fired at the helm console not at the user or the controls just at the side. "One word to the computer and I have everything I need... It is not I who will stand down it is you, Civilian." Tj said with a devilish smile across his face.

Akeno ducked behind the console. "Computer, lock out all command and control functions. Authorisation Misaki Aplha, Gamma Red" she said outloud. The computer beeped as it locked out all command functions. The Wayfarer dropped put of warp and came to a complete stop and all computer consoles locked out to black. It was a quick way for the Captain to lock out the ship in case of hostile boarders.

She peeped over the console, she had managed to reach the hidden phaser and had it set to heavy stun. "Stand down Colonel. If you stand down now you might get off somewhat lighter"

Tj clutched his stomach as he laughed like a Klingon. "Computer active Intelligence program Red-Seria-8 transfer all commands code to Lieuteant Colonel Tj Perkins." The computer beep and made some strange noises that sounded like it shouldn't be doing until it said. "Command codes transferred." He said shaking his head as the Captain's eyes looked over from the helm. "One word to the computer... Did you not listen kid?" He asked.

"Ok" Akeno said as she pointed her phaser at him. "I've had enough of this" she said simply. "This has gone far enough" she told him as she pressed the trigger. The bright orange beam darted across the bridge striking the Colonel square in the chest with enough stun power to knock out a horse.

Tj shouted "Argh!" And fell back into the Captain's chair dropping the phaser on to the floor as he's eyes slowly closed shut.

Akeno finally came out from her cover, still holding the phaser and having it trained on the Colonel. "Security. Get him off of my bridge. Throw him into the brig with maximum security. I want the doctor to do a full phsycial and psychiatric examination on him once he's secure" she ordered.

Two security details burst through the door, phasers targeting everyone on the bridge. "Target is down. Secure the Captain," ordered Dampfish, phaser still on Tj. One detail surrounded Akeno. The others raised their phasers, except for one on Tj on the floor. "Disarm Tj and drag him to the brig. I'll be down in a moment."

Ileah came out with her PADD in hand and a stylus makng notes. "I have a confirmed report that no Call outside the ship." Ileah looked at the Colonel and shook her head. "And wHo calls it The Intelligence High Command; that is a term more likely among the Klingons." Ileah said as she should know that fact well.

"Besides he made the Mistake of crossing a line." Ileah tapped her PADD. "Any channel to the Intelligence Head Quarters has to go through the Intel communication Scrambler Algorithm." She grinned. "You have a very adept 'Spook' on board that seems to have attached Passive device to assure the Intel Data and Communications feed is ... secure." Giving a small courtesy. "You can go down and tell Spooky he did well if you like ma'am? Or I can pass it along if you like?"

"Pass it along when you can" Akeno said simply. She was still shook up from her XO's actions towards her. "Right now we need to regain computer control. Every system on this ship is locked down tigther than Fort Knox, we can't operate like that"

"He locked it down using a Intellegence Command Code, SPooky is crunching some data and it was a mistake for him to do it that way." SHe crossed over to Gently taked the phaser from the Captain and put it in the pocket of Akeno's uniform jacket. "The Chief SPook has access to some data that is ' Need to know' and even you as Captain do not have access." Ileah relay quietly. Intel has much more data than you are privy to and if we use your COmmand code that re 'In' the system and clearances, your Security level is higher than his and we could get the Command codes reverse to normal." SHe grinned and glanced at her PADD. "I am sure it will not take Spooky to run the numbers and get us out of his lock-down. He is very good at that."

Akeno nodded. "Once we have computer control I want a full ships systems check and rundown" she said softly.

"You go to your Ready Room and have a tea, I will disperse the meeting and reschedule after we get ship control back." Ileah ently point the Captain in that direction.

Dampfish turned to Akeno. "Really, Captain. I had him dead to rights. We need a Captain far more than we need another security officer. I am prepared to do my job."

[Conference Room]

Ileah came in and stood near the doors.

"As you obviously heard there was an incident with the Executive Officer." SHe said calmly. "The situation is concluded but in his decision to counter the Captain he locked the computer, we need all departments to do a manual reboot and check all the systems." Ileah gave a calming expression. "The meeting is to be rescheduled after we have fully restored all the ship's systems." She bow her head in respect. "The Captain is fine and I am needed to aid the recovery, You are all Dismissed." Ileah turned to leave the room.

To be continued...


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