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Mutiny or Anger?

Posted on Wed Dec 30th, 2020 @ 7:06pm by Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Ready Room

Akeno stepped into the ready room and slumped down on the green couch that lined the windows. The last few minutes were still going through her mind, she couldn't believe that the man who was meant to be her executive officer, someone who she was meant to trust had tried to commit mutiny.

"Computer" she said. "Begin Captains Log"

"Captains Log" she started with a sigh. "I sit here, now safe in my ready room. I am disgusted and disappointed to record that Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins, the Wayfarer's new Executive Officer commited Mutiny against my command" she paused. "He has been taken into custody and now resides in the brig. I am not sure what his motives were, however I intend to find out"

Pausing again she had to think of a way to record the incident properly, afterall these logs will be used in his court martial. "I thought that the Colonel could be a good executive officer. He has lots of experience from the Dominion War, he has led men and women into battle. However I had my doubts when he first 'ordered' me out of the senior staff briefing"

"I don't understand why he seems to think that a crew will follow an officer who's first option is to pull a weapon on anything or anyone he disagree's with. In my professional opinion, he is unfit to serve in Starfleet. We have had enough of war, violence and loss. The Wayfarer will reach the Nebula that we are to chart within the next thirteen hours" she paused again as thoughts came flooding into her mind, it took her a few seconds to process it.

"As the ships new Captain, this is not how I wanted to start off my first command. I only hope that the crew will accept me as the ships permament Captain. I know I was only a Commander for a short while, however with most seasoned Captains now assigned to patrol the new Cardassian border and patching up relations in the Bajor sector; newer younger Captains like myself are finding ourselves being sent out on other missions of less priority" Akeno sighed.

"I know it seems like a 'kick in the teeth' to other officers with more experience. However it seems like it could be a new era for Starfleet. Many years ago younger officers commanded Starships. Captain James T Kirk was a Captain and he wasn't much older then myself when he took command of the USS Enterprise, the same applied for Captain Picard when he gained command of the Stargazer"

Akeno once again paused. "I will talk to the Colonel in a few hours once he has come to his senses. I honestly believe that this could all be either a huge misunderstanding, or he may have not realised what he doing before it was too late. He seems like a proud man who doesn't back down from his ambitions and decisions. I will make my decision of whether to give him another chance, or to offload him to Starfleet Security once we return to a Starbase once I have spoken to him in person. For now however, he remains in the Brig until I come to that decision. End Log"

Akeno sat back in the chair, sinking slightly into the cushions. If Tj had seen violence, war and blood over the last few years she could see why he may have acted that way. It was uncalled for, and highly unorthodox, but maybe he just needed to get out his frustrations in the only way he knew how. Maybe, she could help him get that out in other ways which didn't involve violence or putting others at risk.

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