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Arista Recap and New Mission - When on Risa.

Posted on Tue Aug 2nd, 2022 @ 4:16am by Captain Akeno Misaki

To all crew!

End of Arista

Congratulations and well done for such a successful mission! 'Arista' was one of our best missions yet to date! Not only did we see some fantastic writing but also some amazing character development and actions scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed every post of it, and I am very proud of what we achieved.

Overall, the mission Arista totalled 159 posts, over a period of 177 days. We started the mission February 6th and ended today on August 2nd. This means we averaged 1.11 posts per day which is fantastic!

We also won a Post of the Month award:

Best Post (Joint Post) for 'Going down' by Captain Akeno Misaki, Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Miller, Lieutenant Ileah, Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie, Lieutenant JG Torvin Anor, Lieutenant Rania Bhatti, Lieutenant Mark Johnson & Ensign Magnum Rhodes

As of now, we will be heading into our new mission, 'When on Risa...'.

I will be starting a new crew joint post with the Wayfarer heading back to Starbase Twelve. We will be docked at the starbase for ten to eleven days for minor repairs, maintenance and resupply. Risa is in the same sector and as we all know it has beautiful beaches, resorts and 'entertainment'.

Everyone will be granted shoreleave should you wish to use it for ten days. You can either come and join Captain Misaki on Risa for some fun in the sun, sand and surf. Stay on the Wayfarer should you wish to assist repair and resupply the ship, or spend you're granted shoreleave anyway you wish.

This will be mainly a character development and free open mission. There will be no underlining main plot or story, I believe we can all come up with our own subplots and individual stories and get to explore our characters to the fullest.

Lets keep working together to achieve our goal to become the best ship in Independence Fleet!

Live long and Prosper

Captain Akeno Misaki

*Beep* Captain Misaki is out of office at the moment, she is currently on Risa enjoying some well deserved shore leave. Please direct all messages to Commander Munetani, or leave a message after the beep.... *BEEP*


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