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Initial Medical Exam

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2022 @ 4:43am by Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel & Lieutenant Mark Johnson

Mission: Arista
Location: Sick Bay

Patra made her way to the sick bay for her initial medical exam. She was anxious to get it over with and get to her duties. Along the way she had stopped at her quarters and grabbed her coveralls. She swallowed the gum she was chewing and brought out a new stick of gum from the freshly replicated pack and began chomping on the cherry flavored bubble gum. She entered the sick bay and began scanning it for engineering deficiencies.

Mark was sitting at one of the medical consoles going through a set of data preparing the advanced medical facility on the surface. His well shaved face showed a concerned look. For once he was not wearing his medical gown but simply his uniform. His attention got drawn by the unexpected entrance of the blonde lieutenant.

After putting the medical console in stand-by he motioned towards the new entry and, smiling, he welcomed her.

"Lieutenant, how may I assist you?" he asked with a reassuring smile.

Patra looked over at the voice and saw a distinguished looking human male. She blew a bubble from her bubble gum brought it back into her mouth and snapped it. Smiling she replied “Lieutenant j.g. Patra Rommel reporting to sick bay to get my once over exam saying I am good to go, sir.” With that she resumed chewing her gum. She enjoyed seeing how officers from other departments reacted to a little insubordination, after all she was an engineer.

The doctor repressed a laugh at her presentation.

"Well, I'm doctor Mark Johnson, nice to meet you" he introduced himself " will be upon me to decide whether you will be... "good to go"... or not" he said nodding with his head while gesturing her towards one of the free biobeds in the room.

"Please, lay down on the biobed and..." he notices her chewing "...oh, spit that gum before the medical checkup. I don't want anything to interfere with the medical scans." he concluded while taking a data PADD and recalling the crew files, specifically hers.

"Any previous medical issues to report, lieutenant?" he starts asking while the blonde woman gets herself comfortable on the biobed.

"Any injury, allergic reactions...pregnancies?" he asked awaiting for her answers to add them to her medical file.

Patra swallowed her gum and hopped up on the biobed, then laid back. She looked at the doctor and replied “No to the pregnancies, I usually do not play that way and when I do I take extreme precautions. I have no plans for babies. As for injuries, plenty, I am an engineer who is often deep in the bowels of starships. I was in charge of Damage Control and Starfleet in their infinite wisdom has also placed me on special assignment to the Federation Marines for a still classified mission. So yep I have had more than my share of dings and bangs. As far as I know I have yet to find myself allergic to anything.”

The man rised an eyebrow watching the woman swallow the gum.

"You know those gums won't do any good to your stomach, don't you?" he asked while noting down the answers to his previous questions and running a set of medical diagnostic scans.

Patra chuckled “It helps to have a friend who happens to be a microbiologist as well as specializing in enzymology. She made a gum that has enzymes that attack the molecular structure of the gum in about an hour and without harming the human digestive system. She knows that I chew gum but that it is impossible to dispose of it when you are in a Jefferies Tube or other exotic locations.”

"I see" he started while noting down the first readings regarding scars and bruises the woman sustained during her career "being an engineer doesn't really mean you get hurt a lot but yes, it's more dangerous than being a doctor. Especially taking into consideration the special assignment you mentioned" he said smiling to make her feel comfortable.

Once the medical scans were completed he finalized her medical folder and signed it off.

"Well, lieutenant, if there's nothing else, I think you can get up and add "Doctor" to your resume." he joked "you are..."good to go"..." he concluded with a smile using her own words.

“Thanks, I’ll try not to make it a habit to visit sick bay, but no guarantees.” She said with a smile. “However, I will most likely see you in the course of doing my work.”



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