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Reporting for duty and meeting the Chief Engineer

Posted on Mon Jun 6th, 2022 @ 4:40pm by Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel & Lieutenant Torvin Anor

Mission: Arista
Location: USS Wayfarer Engineering
Tags: Engineering

Lieutenant j.g. Patra Rommel made her way through the corridors of the Wayfarer following the directions on her PADD to her new quarters. She was chewing furiously on her gum as she replayed the meeting, she just had with Captain Akeno Misaki, she was unsure what to make of her new captain, but she was sure she would find out.
Arriving at her quarters she dropped her duffel bag and saw that her footlocker had been delivered. I'll unpack later, just need to do a quick change into my duty uniform. Ugh how I hate the Starfleet duty uniforms, one always has to tug them into proper fit. Hopefully she could convince Lieutenant Torvin Anor to allow her to wear her work coveralls/jumpsuit, after all as the new Structural/Environmental Specialist she would be spending the majority of her time in Jefferies Tubes, basically the guts of the ship. Once she had her duty uniform and looked somewhat presentable, she made her way to Engineering and the Chief of Engineering's office to report for duty. Outside the office she pressed the chime and waited to be called in. While waiting she slid another stick of cherry bubble gum in her mouth.

"Come in" called the voice of Torvin Anor, clearly mildly distracted as he did so.

The office of Torvin Anor was a strange Dichotomy. Most of it was clean and tidy, almost too clean. A room that had yet to be filled with any of the individual knick-knacks and particulars to show the individuality of the person who occupied it. On the other hand around his desk, it showed the very identity of Torvin himself.

His replicator unit, currently disconnected from the wall and sitting on his desk, had been opened up and stripped bare. A strange, ordered chaos that only fit those of engineering. Screws bunched together, metal parts grouped that somehow join each other into the assembly of the device before him. The engineer's eyes are covered by goggles as the sound of metal being worked on can be heard, only overlapped by the rhythmic beat that had a woman lyrically following it: Rap.

He looked up to see Patra "It can't be..." he said somewhat stunned as he grabbed a pad, seeing the time on it he threw it aside "Well that was a quick three hours. Hello Lieutenant, please take a seat, welcome to the Wayfarer"

Patra took in the scene before her as she stepped in to the room, she smiled and thought to herself "Well at least he the Chief appears to be a true Engineer."
Petra stepped forward and rendered a salute "Lieutenant j.g. Patra Rommel reporting for duty, sir." With that she again began chewing on her gum, thought a moment and replied "Thank you sir, it is a pleasure to be aboard the Wayfarer."

He nodded, the man seeming to keep a little distance from her, not enough to be uncomfortable as he felt the light tint of her emotions colour his mind. He pushed them aside for the moment. Thanks to his new, more social, position, he'd been getting better with it. Enough to function, but not quite at an amount to thrive. "At ease Lieutenant, too much chaos in our line of work to be standing on ceremony when half the ship wants to tear the other half apart. We'll keep the salutes for the parades." he joked

"Your record speaks volumes." he praised, loading up her details on his PADD "You've shown both a strong capacity to learn, knowledge in your subjects, and the heart to trust in you when things get tough." he smiled at her, pushing the PADD aside "So I'm certainly not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, not when the chaos kicks in. I already have to start rehauling half the shield emitters this afternoon." he joked "So the more important thing today is what can I do for you to help you settle in? Got any questions?" he asked her.

"Well sir, the only question I have is may I wear my coveralls/jumpsuit instead of this annoying monkey suit that Star Fleet thinks makes for an engineering uniform. I will be spending the majority of my time crawling through the bowels of the ship and my coveralls/jumpsuit is far better to wear than this uniform." she asked with a smile on her face.

At those words, Torvin almost grins, he'd been a little worried he'd be getting a new engineer that 'kept clean', preferring to keep their heads out of the real muck that came from keeping the guts of a starship running, but the request dashed that aside.

"Work in what's comfortable Lieutenant." He said happily "I care about the uniform when we have to show off to the Captain and Starfleet. Otherwise, I care about our ship more." he seemed to relax a little after that"And on that note, now the formalities are over. I'm Torvin." he joked "The role gives me the final decision and assigning the job rota, but otherwise, I plan to run engineering here with the belief that every engineer on this ship should, and can, act independently to keep her flying, pride comes before the fall. So provide your knowledge and your skills to the crew openly. And when things get crazy, the expert on the problem leads before the rank. Just make sure you can justify your decisions to me when the day's done. Sound good?"

“Well sir, let me get the pesky medical and counselor check ups out of the way and I can assist with getting those shield emitters back up and working.” Patra said with a smile. She was anxious to get to work and really hated it when things like medical check ups and counselor session got in her way. “You shouldn’t need to worry about me sir, been in a few tight spots and try to keep things from falling apart around me and those who depend on me to do my job. My last position was as Damage Control Specialist on the Sydney. It helps that I have an Eidetic memory, I seem to remember everything, especially if it involves engineering or something I enjoy.”

Torvin nodded "I'll be holding you to it Patra." he said, keeping a smile as he gestured "Now, get yourself all cleared through. The more skilled hands we have working the better, in case the Captain sends us through the next sentient Nebula." he joked as he picked up a welding mask and placed it on his face, the muffled worlds of "And to finish the formalities, You're dismissed Lieutenant. Welcome to our motley crew."


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