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Ghost and Demons of the past

Posted on Sat Jun 11th, 2022 @ 6:00am by Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel
Edited on on Sun Jun 12th, 2022 @ 4:13pm

Mission: Arista
Location: Patra's Quarters

CRM114 round slammed its energy into the side of the tunnel causing huge chunks of rocky like shrapnel to spew forth. Then began a barrage of type-2 disruptor fire. "Hurry the hell up Patra, the damn Breen are breathing down are neck. " First Lieutenant Sabine said in her ear. Patra mumbled a bunch of curses under her breath "This Breen cold storage computer is a bugger, may have to go to option two and blow it in place Sabe." Patra replied. "Are you sure?" Sabine asked.

With one last attempt to pull the unique computer system Patra replied in frustration "Yes, I was able to get a tricorder schematic of it and actually download the data it was storing but Starfleet Intelligence is just going to have to deal with the fact we couldn't recover this unit." She heard Sabine turn to shout out something when Patra felt a warm fluid suddenly flow all over her.

Patra woke with a start, her sheets soaked in her sweat. =^= Computer lights at one third power. =^= Patra was covered in sweat and her quarters felt chill to her. She walked over to her sonic shower, stripped out of her T-shirt and panties and stepped in allowing the sonic shower to clean off the sweat. Once the sweat was off her and she felt a little cleaner she picked up her T-shirt and panties, threw them in the recycler and got out a new T-shirt and panties and slide them on.

=^=Computer time? =^= the computer replied =^= The time is 00:47. =^= Patra sighed walked over to her replicator and ordered a Heiße Schokolade. She took a sip, well at least Wayfarer replicator can replicate some fine Heiße Schokolade she thought. "I see, you get to enjoy a nice cup of Hot Chocolate and forget all about little old me." said Lieutenant Sabine.

Patra shook her head "You're not real, you died on Vellion 4 during the snatch and grab raid." she said out loud. "Funny, if I am dead why are you talking with me?" asked Sabine. "You know why? It was my fault you died. If I had just blown that damn computer up instead of trying to recover the thing as requested by Starfleet Intelligence, you and eight other marines would still be alive." Patra said, tears forming in her eyes. "Oh, I see you are feeling guilty and have summoned my ghost to torment you." replied Sabine. "Tell me have you told Starfleet about your nightmares and seeing ghost like me?" asked Sabine in a mocking voice.

"You're a figment of my mind so you already know the answer to that question." replied Patra as she sat her work desk and began to work on the delicate wooden gears of the cuckoo clock she was working on. Sabine sat on Patra's bed and replied "Trying to banish me by working on that clock? Well then guess you are in for a long night. Tell me how many beings died in that hull breach on the USS Shepard eighteen? No, I remember twenty-three all because you were to slow in getting that emergency EVA suit fast enough and seal the breach. TSk. How many lives does that make that died under your incompetence thirty-two lives, my what a record to have."Patra continued concentrating on working on the cuckoo clock as tears rolled down her check and her demons of her past tormented her.


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