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A Much Needed Drink

Posted on Mon Jun 20th, 2022 @ 5:27pm by Lieutenant Rania Bhatti & Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie

Mission: Arista
Location: Officers Lounge, USS Wayfarer
Timeline: [BACKPOST]

Counsellor Bhatti was still learning the layout of the starship when she had found herself walking down a corridor and found herself at the doorway appropriately marked. She entered, curiosity at the forefront, and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not terribly busy. The atmosphere was buzzing, but not suffocatingly so. It reminded her of the less traveled sections of the floating bazaar back home on Xanthan.

She did, however, find herself captivated by the sights and sounds. This was more than the USS Lamarck had to offer albeit the Lamarck was a much smaller starship. Looking a bit bedazzled and lost, it would have been nice to have gone here with a friend or someone. Instead, she was alone in her exploration of the starship, and Rania had not yet gotten to know the crew.

Raelyn, who was in her off-duty attire, sat at the bar in the lounge with a small glass of Vulcan Brandy in her hands. She yawned. The day had been rather long for her. Especially since she had extra administrative duties now that she was the Wayfarer's new Second Officer. She wasn't complaining however. She just had a long day. She took a sip of her drink. She set it down when she noticed another officer who was dressed in a teal Starfleet uniform approaching her.

"Lieutenant," Rania said when recognizing a woman. "I was just exploring the ship a bit. I didn't expect to really find anyone I'd recognize," the Counsellor added. It was a bit of a casual Segway into small talk, just something to generate some conversation with the Lieutenant. "Is this the key place for socialization aboard?"

Raelyn sipped her brandy and set it down again when she turned to look at Rania. "I mean it can be at times. Like right now, as there aren't many officers around" she chuckled.

"I'll have to get used to it when it is busier," replied Rania. "I typically prefer quieter settings, but being Ship's has to venture out and explore the wider social spots."

"Honestly, that is sort of the same for me. Especially after how my previous assignment ended but I digress."

Raina smiled briefly. A warm tone followed suit. "Lieutenant, please, continue. I would like to hear more about your previous assignment. I am still learning names and putting names to faces is easier for me if I have a bit of a personal narrative to associate with them."

She downed the rest of the Vulcan Brandy in her hand; to mentally prepare herself for the more or less difficult story that would follow. Raelyn sighed. "Before the Wayfarer, I served on the Sovereign under Captain Sanders as his Security Chief and Tactical Officer and before that the Sovereign's Assistant Tactical and Security Officer. I served there pretty much since the ship launched until I left for the Wayfarer. That crew felt like family."

"But earlier this year, there was a classified incident that nearly destroyed us. After we were towed back to Earth for repairs, most of us in the Senior Staff requested transfers, including myself" she sighed quietly. "I thought everything would be fine. Until it wasn't exactly."

"I'm sorry to hear about the Sovereign, Lieutenant," Rania replied. "It is difficult to lose a starship, but I would imagine that loss is tenfold when you have served aboard it for so long that the crew became and felt like family. So, you lost more than a starship. You lost your home and your family has been scattered about on new postings."

The Counsellor offered a small smile. "How about now though? Aboard the Wayfarer. Has it started to feel like a new home for you?"

"It has now. I feel trusted again if that makes sense?" She began and sighed. "My departure from the Sovereign and transfer costed more to me than I bargained for. Needless to say, it was rather rough" she chuckled sadly.

Rania nodded. "That makes a lot of sense, and I imagine it was rough to say the least. The one thing that I can add is that there's a saying among many cultures on dozens of worlds. They each have their own phrasing for it, but universally, sometimes a rough journey is needed to reach where we belong."

The Security Chief smiled. "Well said."

"Thank you," Rania replied and gave a pleasant nod. "I try my best to be the one with words of wisdom. It comes in handy when you help crew through difficult times" she explained. "It has been nice socializing, but I think I have had enough of an adventure for one night."

"Same here. I have to call it a night myself" Raelyn answered the counselor.

Raina nodded. "I'll see you around again soon, certainly." With that, the Wayfarer 's Counsellor made her way towards the nearest exit. This was a good venture out to explore the ship's social areas.


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