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Wayfarers Heart

Posted on Thu Mar 17th, 2022 @ 7:34am by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Torvin Anor

Mission: Arista
Location: Main Engineering

The bridge of a starship was often referred to as 'The Brain' of the ship. However it was really 'The Heart' of a starship that made it all possible; that area was known more commonly as Main Engineering. This two storeyed large open area houses not only consoles, equipment and access to all of the ships vital and key systems, but the Warp Core. The large blue core of the Intrepid Class was a Type Nine core, utilising a new style of Dilithium Matrix from older classes. She was capable of powering the while vessel and propelling them at upto speeds of warp 9.975.

Until the recent introduction of the Prometheus Class, the Intrepid Class had been the fastest and most advanced starship in Starfleets arsenal. She had lost that title, but still could out run and out match other vessels such as the Galaxy and Akira classes I'm speed and science abities.

Captain Misaki walked through the large silver and grey doors into the room. She was always impressed at the sheer size of the Engine Room. For such a small ship it was far larger than other classes boasting an open plan layout.

She spotted the Chief and wandered over. "Chief" she greeted holding up a hand. "How's the ship holding up?" She asked curiously as she stared slightly into the swirling abyss of the warp core.

He looked over "Oh Captain!" called Torvin in reply working from the upper floor. The engineer had somehow managed to fray his uniform more in his new position than he ever had before. The Wayfarer's engineering staff had never been prepared for the whirling dervish their captain had released upon them. His dedication to his task and his energy had made the ship sail through the frontier like never before. Just as he had promised her.

However, a few of the crew had begun to notice that while the engineer knew how to organise, he had yet to step into leading. He had shown his commitment, but with his newfound presence, many had begun to notice the distance their new chief held personally. He'd work, sleep, and return to work again. Some had begun to joke that the borg could learn from him.

They'd also learned, much to their surprise. That what they thought had been a hesitant man was anything but. Clearly shown as he, without a moment's hesitation, vaulted himself over the bannister and down to her floor, rolling himself back to his feet in a fairly athletic manoeuvre. He took a pose of attention from the rather ludicrous move in a flash. "She's doing great Captain, Matter/Anti-Matter reaction is singing like a bird, and We've adjusted the signature harmonics on the shield, comms, and engines are adjusted to emit as narrow a band as possible. She'll be a tad sluggish in her acceleration to initial warp, but we should be quiet as a mouse to any form of detection lower than subspace for now."

Surprised was an understatement. Akeno stared at him a rather bewildered look on her face. "Erm... is there something wrong with the ladder?" She asked nervously. It wasn't everyday that you saw an officer jump from the upper level and barrel roll into a perfect landing. "Although..." she pondered before giving him a thumbs up. "Nice landing Lieutenant! Better than I can do, but you know..." she pulled at her skirt "Skirted uniforms, not advise for athletics..."

He pondered her question for a moment, before realising what he had done. "oh...sorry, old habits." he commented sheepishly, his time in the Jeffries tubes and awkward engineering positions had gotten him used to taking some more athletically available 'shortcuts' to various places. That plus practising enough holodeck emergency situations had taught him blast doors rarely waited long. "The ladders are probably the safer way to go..." he apologised before quickly changing the subject "Anyway! Captain, any issues I can assist you with? I promise the Aft Turbolift ignoring deck 12 is nearly resolved. It appears the Bio Neural pack seemed to gain a bad, I suppose memory would be the closest term? Regardless I've swapped it out, and secured it for future study."

Akeno couldn't help but smile. "Good to hear" she replied. "I see you are adapting well to being Chief around here then?"

"Well, so far they've not complained." The engineer nodded "The team was fairly well organised naturally anyway. It would be hubris of me to say I've earned the right to say it's my work." he said turning to look at them all "You have a capable crew captain, it feels like we have a whole ship of chief engineers. But I'll give them the challenge to match my dedication to it."

"Good to hear" the Captain replied. "You've all done a good job of getting the ship going again" she told him. "Seems like she likes to do what she's told now she's got a new daddy" she joked tapping the bulkhead. It was old style engineering talk, some ships only responded in their own weird way when certain officers were on duty.

"Well don't worry. We plan to keep in charge of her Captain, even when she gets temperamental" he joked "Oh while I've got you here I was-"

"CHIEF!" called out a crewmember from above "The shield absorption analysis is done. You told me to let you know!"

"Ah! oh...." he paused, getting caught mid-sentence to turn and call "Understood I'll be right there" He turned back, deciding to put his request to the side for now "If you don't mind captain. I have a ship of yours to get ready."

Giving a smile as he ran back off to the ladder to climb back up from before. Swinging himself around at speed to bring himself to climb "I'll have the report done for you within the hour Captain. But don't worry, she'll be ready!" He shouted to her as he ran across the balcony and up to work "I promise!"

Akeno chuckled to herself as she watched the energetic new Chief Engineer scurry off to his work. She had made the right choice afterall. She turned swiftly on a heel, satisfied that the engine room was in good hands and proceeded into the corridor.

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