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Things that go pew pew!

Posted on Mon Mar 21st, 2022 @ 3:24pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie

Mission: Arista
Location: Security Complex, Deck 9

After visiting Sickbay Akeno made her way down to deck nine. This deck was where the main security complex was located as well as the docking bay for the Aerowibg and cargo loading areas. She was taking a tour of the ship checking in on her crew and introducing herself to the newly assigned members of their little community.

She stepped into the security complex which housed the ships main armoury, backup tactical controls, training areas and the ships brig. It was her first time in this area, she hadn't had the chance to visit before, so until she was noticed she noseyed around a little, examining some of the specialised consoles and screens.

Raelyn was currently in the training area. To be more specific, she was at one of the stations in the target range, which was next to the main armory. She picked up the rifle she had been training with and pointed it towards the first target in a typical formation. She fired at the target, which downed it. She moved the rifle to the next and fired again. She continued firing until all her targets in that section on the range were down. She wiped a little bit of sweat off of her brow as she reset the targets before she noticed the Captain enter the complex.

She also happened to notice that some of her security personnel didn't see the Wayfarer's Commanding Officer enter the room either. McKenzie decided to have little fun with her team. She quietly walked over to the Captain and nodded a small greeting before barking across the room. "Captain on deck!" This made some of the other crew-members in the room jump slightly before standing at attention.

"At ease" Akeno said holding up a hand with a nervous smile.

As the other crew-members turned back to their work, Raelyn looked at Akeno. "What brings you to the complex Captain?"

"Just checking out the sections of the ship I've yet to see" she told her. "Plus, it allows me to see how you're do things in your element" she explained to the lieutenant. She had a desire to get closer to her crew and by observing them at their duty stations was a good way to do so, then she knew what they were capable of.

"Understandable. Aside from making preparations in the event that we engage any hostilities, it has been a rather slow day. Honestly Captain, I sometimes feel that my personal element is in combat, whether I'm on the bridge or on some sort of patrol, or even just practicing at the range" she replied honestly.

"That's understandable" Akeno replied. "After all, we've only just come out of one if the bloodiest wars we have ever faces. Being on the front lines will do that to you" she explained softly. "It's good to know that you and your department are ready, even in times of peace"

"It's always good to be prepared for conflict, even in times of peace" she sighed.

"Well. Keep up the good work Lieutenant" Akeno replied. "Let me know if you guys down here need anything" she added.

"I will Captain. On both accounts" Raelyn nodded.

"Good" Akeno said with an understanding nod. She made her way towards the door and out into the corridor to continue her little tour of the ship.

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Captain Akeno Misaki
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