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Command Dinner

Posted on Mon Mar 14th, 2022 @ 9:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Miller & Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: Arista
Location: Captain's Quarters


With the ship now underway, Akeno wanted to connect on a more personal level with her new Executive Officer. Afterall they would be working closely together on running the ship, she wanted to find out more about him that wasn't in the standard Starfleet Service Jacket.

She had sent him an invitation earlier on in the day to join her in her quarters for an informal dinner. Nothing fancy, no dress uniforms just two colleagues getting to know each other a little better. She also included a warning that she was cooking, so if her replicator played up, they may end up with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

She dressed pretty simply, and didn't have her hair tied up like she did on duty. A simply dark grey t-shirt and navy blue pleates skirt. The shirt had the ships registry number and name embroidered into the right breast. It was far more comfy than uniform.

Jonathan stood outside the Captain’s quarters and took a deep breath. The nervousness that he had felt upon his arrival onboard Wayfarer still hadn’t fully left him. He looked down at this choice of clothing one more time to ensure that there were no obvious defects or spots of dirt. He’d chosen to wear a simple dark grey shirt, similar coloured jeans and some comfortable Chuck Taylor All-Stars sneakers.

He held a bottle of alcohol in his hands that he had sourced from Frocus III a few years ago, and had been saving it for a special occasion. His first informal dinner with the Captain seemed like a good time to crack out the bottle from his storage locker. He took a step forward and initiated the automatic bell chime.

On hearing the chime, Akeno turned to look at the door. "Come in" she called before turning back to the replicator to look through the options she had selected.

Jonathan stepped into the room almost hesitantly. Despite knowing that he was expected, he looked around the room half-expecting the Captain to welcome him with surprise. “Knock, knock.” He announced himself to the woman, allowing the door to close behind him. He placed the bottle on the Captain’s desk. “A little something from Frocus III. I hope you don’t mind? I know my nerves could do with some soothing”

"No need to be nervous" Akeno smiled. "Thanks, it'll be nice to have something with more bite than synthehol" she paused for a moment as she tapped on the replicators control panel. "So, will this Italian Carbonara be good for you? I've been arguing with the replicator for a good half hour now" she asked with a nervous smirk.

“Carbonara sounds delicious, thank you.” The man smiled.

"Oh!" She clapped her hands together. "We're going to need glasses. Give me a second" she rushed to a nearby cabinet and pulled out two crystal wine glasses. "We can use these, I picked them up from Earth before I took command. Hand made, so I've been reluctant to use them" She placed them on the table. "But, I think this warrants their use"

Jonathan nodded in agreement, another smile spreading its way across his face. He picked up the small rose-coloured bottle and started to twist the cork stopper from the top of the bottle. He half-closed his eyes, expecting a loud pop, but no pop came as the cork came away form the bottle silently. “I, uh, I guess it isn’t fizzy at least.” He poured his Captain a tall glass of the sweet smelling alcohol, before moving to his glass and repeating the process of pouring. He passed a glass over to Akeno and picked up his own glass. “Would you do the honour of giving us a toast, Captain?”

Akeno took the glass and examined the contents closely. "Akeno" she said simply giving him a small smile. "We're off duty and you're my guest. Theres no need for ranks and all that in here" she told him softly. "Plus, I wanted to get to know you better. We are responsible for everyone's lives on this ship, so let's drop the ranks and just be less formal when we're not in uniform... If you're OK with that?"

The man nodded in agreement. He had never experienced this kind of informal relationship with any of the other commanding officers he had served under. However, he knew that as an executive officer of a starship he was expected to have an excellent working relationship with his CO. It was his job to know what his CO was thinking, and vice versa. The lives of the crew and the wellbeing of the ship depended upon the two people working well together. “I think I can just about manage that, Akeno.” He chuckled, taking his first sip of the Frocusian alcohol. It was sweet, but not overly so. It reminded him of mead but with a subtle hint of pear and orange in the background.

Jonathan took another sip of the sweet substance and rubbed his hands in glee as Akeno brought the carbonara over from the replicator and placed it on the table in front of him. The smell of the steaming hot food was delightful. Jonathan waited until the woman was sat down with him before approaching a subject that had been on his mind for a while. “So, now that the ranks have been left out in the corridor, what are your expectations of me as your first officer? I’m a true believer in first impressions, so I don’t want to do anything that may taint your views on my ability to act efficiently and correctly as second in command.”

"Well" Akeno started. "I was originally exec here, then lots of stuff happened..." she said rolling her hand. "Then when I took command, the new Exec tried to commit mutiny and kill me" she smiled nervously before taking a sip. "So, don't do that I guess.. " she paused. "But really, if I'm honest. I need someone who isn't afraid to talk to me, can help me make the right decisions and whom I can built trust with. Afterall we could be in some life and death situations out here"

Jonathan nodded in agreement. The Captain’s requests were logical and not unreasonable. It sounded as though she needed someone she could trust. Jonathan knew he was that someone, and he would prove it to her with time. “Well I’ll stick around, at least until you find someone better!” He winked at the woman and took another sip of the drink.

"Planning on moving on already huh?" Akeno asked sarcastically as a joke as she took a sip of the drink.

“No, no, nothing like that.” Jonathan smiled. “I’m pretty sure that you’re stuck with me now. I’m like a bad penny in that regard.”

"Oh, I wouldn't say so" Akeno replied. "How about we eat" she asked with a smile. "Oh, but first..." she raised up her glass. "To our first mission together"

Jonathan raised his glass above his head, “To our first mission together.” He repeated before adding, “And many more!” He chucked the rest of the contents of his glass into his mouth and swallowed hard.

Akeno took a drink too. She was hoping to many more missions with her crew, hopefully no more mutinies or bad events would happen to them. She gestured for him to join her at the table as she pulled out the food that had appeared in the replicator.


Captain Akeno Misaki
Commanding Officer
USS Wayfarer


Lt Commander Jonathan Miller
Executive Officer
USS Wayfarer


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