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Back in the swing

Posted on Thu Aug 19th, 2021 @ 7:17pm by Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins & Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: The Captains Child

TJ lied out on the flor the whole vessel shakeded as he was purposely kept out of the loop but yearly scanning missions usually don't start with an unknown shake. RJ jolted back up to his feet and stood staring out of the window with his arms behind his back as he compelled a mental image of what happened to the starship Wayfarer.

About an hour had passed since the shaking and the chime rang at the door.

"Colonel" Akeno said as she stepped into the room. "I know this is going to come across as strange, but we need your help"

"...Life is a game of chess don't you agree captain? Not focusing and your bishop is taken down and checkmate," TJ said then he turned around to face the smallest Captain possibly in Indepecnce Fleet "You wish to un-checkmate yourself?"

"Yeah... whatever..." Akeno said skipping to the point. "Look Colonel. We have two missing crew members and shuttle. Our sensors can't pin point them in this Nebula. You're the only member of the crew who is trained in search and rescue operations" she explained. "I know this is a breach of protocol, considering what you did. But their lives are more important to me than that. Will you lead an away team to search for them?" she asked

"Fine," Tj scoffed "I needed to do the shopping anyways. I take it I depart now?"

"You should get a rescue team together. The senior staff have discussed what has happened and we believe that you're one of the most qualified peoples for the job" Akeno explained.

"Understood," Tj replied with a lack of respect in his voice.

"I'm not asking you because I want to. Understand that" Akeno said. "But it might help your case, and you're the most qualified. I would do it myself, but I'm not supposed to leave the ship"

"Noted," Tj repiled.

"How soon can you be ready?" Akeno asked.

"I am ready now," Tj replied being under house arrest he had plenty of time to do nothing.

Akeno paused placing both hands on her belly for a moment. "I think this nebula is getting to me..." she said to herself quietly.

"How long," Tj asked turned to look out the window placing his hand behind his back interlocking his fingers "... Your pregnant I'm guessing 6 to 9 weeks, Zoey was present at 15 before aborting it... And now she's pregnant again,"

"I'm not pregnant colonel. Bloated a little maybe, my last physical showed no signs of having a baby" Akeno told him. "Plus, how can I be pregnant when I'm still a...." she cut off and blushed.

"There are drugs on the black market and in dark dark alleys on Earth that can quickly create a baby... Maybe it was slipped into your drink or perhaps the replicators are malfunction... You should report to Sickbay immediately," Then Tj turned around to face her again "Believe me I know the signs your health is now an emergency"

Akeno pondered for a few moments. "I'm sure it's nothing" she told the colonel. "I've only had this today, and I ate a large dinner last night. Those sort of drugs can't be replicated on the Wayfarer, unless your telling me you're responsible?" She asked sarcastically.

"How can I spike your drink when I'm locked up? Besides, I haven't carried that much in years. Replicators are Assiasna's best friends they can automatically drop pills into drinks. Plus your big meal should have been depleted when you woke up. I promised to follow orders, a XO's role is to also advise the Captain. I'm advising you to report to sickbay"

"Fine" Akeno said. "I shall report to sickbay, but I need you to bring back those crewmen. Im lifting your house arrest in the interest of the ship. If you can help us, it might help when it comes to your trial" she said simply. She lowered her voice and placed both hands on her belly again. "You honestly believe that somehow I am pregnant?"

"My mother was a bed hopper after a few months her stomach was sticking out like a sore thumb, I know you are," Tj replied

"I'll get checked out. As for now, get tidied up and report to the shuttlebay" with that said Akeno turned and left the room. She informed the security guards of the situation before heading in the direction of deck five where sickbay was located.

Captain Akeno Misaki
Commanding Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins
Executive Officer
USS Wayfarer


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