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A Different Type of Morning

Posted on Mon Jul 12th, 2021 @ 1:12pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Ileah

Mission: The Captains Child

Akeno woke the next morning for her usual duty shift the next morning. The Wayfarer was still well into its survey mission in the depths of the Nebula. She couldn't help but feel like she seemed 'heavier' and more bloated than usual. That was strange since she hadn't eaten yet. Shrugging it off she made her way through to the main living area of her quarters.

"Oh... I don't feel so great..." she said. She put it down to simply not sleeping well. She had been stressing out about what to do with the Colonel. She stopped as she was pulling on her uniform. "Nope, need to..." she didn't get chance to finish that sentence before she found herself vomiting into the toilet bowl in her bathroom.

"Computer..." she managed to stutter. "Remind me. Do we have a Chief Medical Officer on board?" she asked.

"Negative. That position is currently unfilled" the computer responded.

"Great..." she said as she continued to throw up. "Send a message to Lieutenant Ileah. Let her know that I may be late for..." she vomited again "...duty today"

Ileah was in the Ready Room making the usual arrangements for the Captain when the computer relayed the fact the captain might not be there soon. Finding the time to ksiil Ileah opened the Yeoman server and began checking the schedules and other calendar events for the Captain.


Lieutenant Gerrard paced the bridge. He had been on the night duty watch shift. However it was about time for the senior officers to take over. However he could only sense that something was wrong. Usually Captain Misaki was not on time, but early. She would usually have been here several minutes ago.

"Where is everyone?" he asked himself outloud. The bridge was mainly manned by the junior crew during the night shift, made up on ensigns and junior lieutenants.

The Captain will be late." Ileah said as she stepped forward. "I do have Bridge training and with the clearances the Captain has given I could perform the Officer of the Deck until her arrival if you wish relief Commander?" She grinned. "All in the day of a lowly Captain Yeoman compensating for her charge. "

"Ok" Gerrard said. "I hand watch to you".

"Very well, I relieve you commander." Ileah said as moved towards the vacated Command Chair. "All stations, status report ." She asked with her usual smile. "

"Holding nice and steady on our course through the Nebula" the ensign at the helm reported. "The shuttle teams returned last night too after following their charting course"

"Very well." Ileah sat in the Captain's chair, favoring the right side slightly. "That should give science some new data to play with."

Being of polite manners she could then cross her left leg over her knee in proper fashion without exposing anything from this Skirted uniform tha the Captain insisted be the fashion and Ileah as Yeoman had to adopt as well.

Suddenly without warning the Wayfarer began to shake rather violently. The doors to the bridge opened and Akeno half stepped, half stumbled out of the turbolift. "Report" she shouted over the noise of the shaking.

"Not sure whats going on Captain!" the helmsman replied quickly. "However, our engines seem to be causing this!"

The ship was thrown forward before the ECS thrusters levelled the ship and steadied her. The Wayfarer's impulse engines frizzled in the depths of the nebula and the once blue nacelle grills had turned grey and lifeless.

"Captain, I believe we've... stalled?"

Akeno moved down towards the helm, still not feeling too great and looked over the ensigns shoulder. The engines were completely offline and from what she could tell may even be fused. That didn't bode well for them.

"It seems as if we're adrift..." Akeno sighed. "Senior Staff, to the briefing room" she announced. She looked over towards Ileah and approached slowly. "I want you to work with the juniors on the ship. Many of them are fairly new, they could use some guidance".

To be continued...


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