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Physical Form

Posted on Thu Aug 19th, 2021 @ 9:41pm by Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Inside Akeno

What was this feeling? It was strange, like nothing it had ever encountered before. It felt like some sort of suspension in liquid, but then there was another feeling. Growth, it was getting bigger, by the hour, by the minute, by the second. There wer strange vibrations, that the entity could hear.

"What are those... they sound like some sort of communication. Language. I can hear" the entity thought as it began to experiment. "I can move. I have form. I have a physical shape... but what shape am I? What am I?"

"I tried to conceal within the strange creatures cells. It was the easiest to penetrate and hide within. But now, I am transformed. Do I have a physical shape? Am I taking the shape of the creature within it?" the entity began to ask itself as it grew within its strange biological sanctuary. It could feel warmth surrounding it, the constant beat of something in the distance, but not too far away, it soothed the entity, causing it to relax.

"This is a new experience. I seem to have triggered some sort of reaction. I wonder if the creature knows that I hide within, that for some reason I am forming a physical form within it" it thought as it began to experiment, it could send electrical impulses to various parts of its form, causing them to move. Something similar to the beats it could hear also occured within itself. A strange blue liquid ran through tunnels within the form, leading to different shaped biological areas and componants.

"What is this? This form is attached" the entity pondered. A long strage tube of some sort rose from the center of the entity and seemed to be attached to the wall of the preserve. Down it flowed different biological and chemical compounds which disappeared into its physical body. "I recieve these strange compounds, but it seems I can use it too" the entity thought, as it focused its mind on the strange connection tube.

After a few minutes, the entity had managed to link through the creatures nervous system to reach the highest part of the body. It was also the most complicated and seemed to act like a control center. It was a complex area full of neural pathways, electrical impulses and different designated sections. For the entity it was rather simple to navigate, its biological function seemed to be that of where all information was processed.

"Fascinating" the entity thought from down in the sanctuary as it focused on a single nerve. Suddenly there was a blinding light, so bright a physical reaction happened. The form squinted its eyes, then it became more tolerable as slowly the world in front of it came into view."Ah, these creatures have some sort of visual sense. I can see the strange world they live in" it thought as it watched as the creature seemed to be moving down a strange long area.

The creature walked through a strange opening which was block, only to become unblocked upon nearing. It seemed like a small enclosed area. The creature looked down, suddenly the entity felt disorientated at the sudden change of angle. Now it watched curiously as the creature began to remove some sort of outer layer, first black, then red before exposing smooth pinkinsh material underneath.

"Not as I remembered surveying this creature" the entity thought noticing that the area the creature was examining seemed to have grown out in a rounded shape. The entrance area dead in the center had started to become shallower and seemed to have been stretched. Something reached around into view and began to touch the expanded area, it was long with five different ends on. Another one emerged and both began to move over the rounded out area. Two of the different ends, even entered the entrance hole as if to examine it, opening it and trying to make it so it could be seen fully.

"I believe the creature knows I am present. For I believe I am the one that is growing within. I need to probe thie creatures mind more, find out more information..." the entity thought as it unlinked with the nerve and decided to probe deeper into the brain. "For if I take full physical form, I shall have unlimited power!"


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