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In the blink of an eye

Posted on Mon Sep 28th, 2020 @ 11:11am by Lieutenant Commander Zoey Perkins & Lieutenant Tyvok & Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell

Mission: Section 57 and a Third
Location: USS Wayfarer
Timeline: Timeline B: Current


Timeline B is that half the crew just disappeared in a blue flash. Of our playing characters, Zoey, Tyvok, and Rosaleen are still here


{USS Wayfarer, Bridge}

Zoey sat in the command chair watching the viewscreen as they were at warp and motioning the bridge sitting in Commander Misaki seat.

A blue flash appeared in front of everyone then they started to return to space. Engines began to power down.

Zoey sitting in the XO's chair said. " Lieutenant O'Donnell report, Dampfish full sensor scan. Helm all stop"

The crewmen manning the helm said. "We're already at full stop."

Rosaleen was already checking numerous system status screens. "I'm not sure...according to my reading all power systems are functioning normally. We should still be at full speed, but something has nullified the warp field configuration."

Zoey waited for Mr Dampfish but he didn't respond turning around to face his console noticing he's gone. Turn to face the rear stations some of the crewmen manning the aft stations had vanished too. "What the hell, Computer locate Lieutenant Dampfish.

"Lieutenant Dampfish is not aboard." Said the computer.

Scratching her head she said "Bridge to Engineering."

"=/\=Tyvok here, go ahead bridge=/\=", Tyvok responded.

Standing up she replied, "This is Commander Zoey status report and crew report."

"=/\=I am still attempting to assess what has happened. Something disrupted our warp field, and we are currently at full stop. Half of my engineering team has disappeared. I have attempted to recall Gamma Shift to fill in temporarily, but less than half responded." Tyvok paused for a moment. "It's curious... when queried, the computer had no record of the missing engineers being on board. Some are listed as killed in action during our last mission. Others, never assigned.=/\="

"Thank you Mr Tyvok keep me updated on any changes," Zoey said then stopped to think you could tell by the look she was pulling. Then her mouth fell open she quickly grabbed the medkit behind the Captain's seat, standing in front of it with the kit she opened it but she was shaking and everything fell out. Zoey fell to floor shaking and tears where about for form grabbing the medical tricorder but it slipped out of her hands. Picking it up again opening and using the scanner on herself reading the readings the tricorder gave. Then she dropped it and froze like a moment in time. "NO!" She shouted then started to cry clutching her stomach.

She knew the whole of the bridge was watching she pulled herself up using the Captain's chair. "I'm... Was pregnant." She said looking at her feet standing up then looking around the bridge then tapping on the command station she opened a Communication line to Main Engineering. "Suggestions?" She asked taking her jacket off showing a sleeves undershirt she dropped her jacket onto the Captain's chair.

"=/\=Commander, looking over the sensor logs leading into the incident, it seems we may have had an encounter with a quantum filament," Tyvok explained, "It seems to have hit the ship's warp field at an exact tangent. Given the evidence, one might theorize that we, along with the rest of the Wayfarer crew, have been scattered across multiple quantum realities.=/\="

Interesting theory Zoey thought. "I want more information Mr. Tyvok." She spoke with anger as she walked towards the helm console in a fiery rage.

"=/\=The quantum flux state of the ship is interfering with our ability to form a stable warp field. However, the quantum flux state is reducing in frequency, so it is likely we will eventually settle into normal space. When that happens, we may not be able to reverse the effects of of the quantum filament." Tyvok continued, "I have an idea for how we may be able to re-establish a warp field without interfering with the quantum flux state, which will involve some fourth dimensional geometry. I will keep you posted as to my progress=/\="

Standing behind the crewmen who manned the helm she replied "You will keep me updated on everything Lieutenant... Regardless of how little it may seem. Perkins out." She clicked her fingers at Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell for her to close the channel.

Rosaleen paused momentarily from the diagnostics she was running on the ships power conduction systems to disable the comm link, then returned to her work. She did love a good puzzle...

Turning around and walking towards the middle of the bridge she said: "Helm given our location estimate arrival at Starbase 57 at full impulse power."

Tapping away at the console the crewmen said "umm... 14 days?... Yes, 14 days ma' ma at Warp 9.975 3 hours."

Zoey nodding her head picked up her jacket that laid on the Captain's chair and equipped it. "Set course maximum speed."

"Aye." Said the Crewmen. "Engaging engines."

Zoey took a breath in and while she sat down in the Captain's chair she closed her eyes for a moment trying to figure out a plan.

{3 hours later}

"=/\=Tyvok to the bridge. I have been able to re-modulate the warp field to be emitted in the shape of a 3-ellipsoid, a fourth dimensional shape only theorized about before today. We should be able to establish a warp field now, but it will not be very efficient. We should only be able to achieve an approximate velocity of warp 1.37.=/\="

Zoey still in Command sat with her leg over the armrest like a Pirate looking for their next pray until Tyvok chimed in. She stopped to listen to the Vulcan once he was done bolstering she replied. "We need maximum warp speed as soon as possible it might even save all life on this if we return to normal space time... Perkins out"
The crewmen at the helm looked at Zoey over his shoulder. "Well." Said, Zoey. "What are you waiting for? engage at warp... whatever Tyvok said."
The crewmen was just nodded and followed her orders to the letter

Engaging at warp speed more blue flashes appeared again blinding everyone on the bridge.

Zoey covered her eyes and shouted. "Computer emergency full stop!"
The computer obliged the Wayfarer grounded to a stop.

Tapping on her combage so Lieutenant Tyvok could here "All stations report," Zoey said.

"=/\=Commander, it seems exotic particles that normally exist outside of normal space are now colliding with our deflector screen are emitting quite a bit of light upon impact. I will divert extra power to the deflector to push the particles out further. I would recommend tinting all portholes to further protect us.=/\=", Tyvok responded.

The Crewmen at the helm said. "A day away from Starbase 57 but it isn't there."

Zoey got up from Captain Sprague's chair and walked over towards to Tactical control manning the station providing to use the long-range sensors for tactical threats. "Starbase 57 is destroyed and it appears to be Dominion weapons."

Rosaleen O'Donnell said "It appers to be the Dominion War Year same time as we left, 2376 and the Federation appears to be is losing.

Standing at the Tactical station "All hands this is Perkins... It appears we've entered another relativity where the Dominion war is ongoing and we believe we're losing... We're going to Gray mode we don't belong to this universe and we will not affect its development... Perkins out."

Looking at Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell with her hands on her hips. "Scan for a possible hiding location... We're sitting ducks."

Rosaleen O'Donnell answered. "Their's a asteroid field 3 light-years away."

Looking back at Tactical control she said: "Helm full stop and keep an eye out for possible threats."
The crewmen nodded in fear of Zoey's wrath.

"Bridge to Tyvok... Well we're closer" Zoey said jokily trying to cheer someone else

"=/\=Acknowledged, Commander. As I am continuing to understand our situation, it seems that as we're in a state of quantum flux, we will be undetectable to anyone in sync with this reality. Somewhat of a 'phase cloak'. As time goes on, we will eventually settle into sync with this reality, at which point, it may be nearly impossible for us to phase back into ours." Tyvok explained. "The computer is running simulations, but I estimate no more than 7 days before we fall out of flux.=/\="

Zoey on Tactical ordered "Helm take us towards the asteroid field warp 3... When we arrive at the asteroid's we'll find a place to land or orbit we'll remain in Grey mode to keep hidden that means decks will be sealed and you possibly have to spent the night in a crate in the cargo bay or somewhere else. But remember we may of won the Dominion War we'll NOT help them here... Okay people you have your orders." After she announced her left the tactical station heading towards Captain Sprague ready-room. "I'll be in the ready-room call me when we arrive." She said then entered the ready-room


Lieutenant Commander Zoey Perkins
Second Officer & Chief Flight Control
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Tyvok
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell
Chief Operations Officer
USS Wayfarer


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