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First Department Meeting

Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2020 @ 3:31am by Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell
Edited on on Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 @ 2:45pm

Mission: Deep Space Nine
Location: Logistics and Operations Division Conference Room
Timeline: MD-03

Rosaleen entered the conference room and took the seat at the head of the table, noting that only a couple of others where there...but she was a bit early herself, so it really wasn't an issue. While waiting for the others to arrive, Rosaleen pulled out a new PADD and activated the interface with the ships main computer. After a few minutes, the interface and download was completed, and Rosaleen was ready to get to work.

Rosaleen's new position as Chief of Operations included many different groups that, while often unnoticed, played an important role in the ships daily operations. Many of them Rosaleen not only had little or no experience with, but she had not even realized that they fell within her division. She pulled up the main screen and scanned the list of submenus, feeling a bit overwhelmed, but determined not to let it show.


Starbase 47 Operations Division

Department Sub-Division Access

* Maintenance Group
* Damage Control Group
* Sanitation and Janitorial Group
* Food Services Group
* Traffic Control Group
* Accounting Group @
* Fire Suppression and Rescue Group
* Shuttle Support Group
* Life Support and Environmental Systems Group
* Space Meteorology Group
* Supply Group @
* Construction Group
* Administrative Group
* Communications Group
* Combat Support Group
* Records Group
* Cultural Group
* Computer, Data, and Sensor Group

Rosaleen noticed that two of the groups displayed priority codes. She selected the Supply Group and found many many lists of supplies that were requested, in route, or delivered and not dispersed yet.


Rosaleen exited out of the sub-system and, after a moments hesitation, selected the Accounting Group. The reason for the high priority classification soon became apparent. The Starfleet General Accounting Office would be conducting it's annual audit next week.


Well my friend, you wanted the position...welcome to the big chair. You should have read the job description closer.


"Communications to Supply, we really need those parts down here"

"Hold your horses, I'm on my way."



"Lighting Maintenance needed on Deck 152, Section 63 Delta."

Rosaleen almost jumped out of her chair. She had forgotten that by interfacing the new PADD with the Wayfarer's computer, she had also re-interfaced her comm badge and was now part of the divisions group communications system. And as Chief, she monitored all of the Operations communications by default. As Deliano gave her an inquisitive look (and as her badge continued to rebroadcast all of his Divisions communications) Rosaleen quickly accessed her comm settings and set the filters.

"Sorry Ensign, I...uh...wasn't expecting that."

Well, at least the badge was quiet now.

The door opened, and Rosaleen noticed that the room was starting to get much more crowded, so she decided to put away the PADD for now and pay attention to what was going on around her. However, as she looked around the room, the scope of her position began to sink in. She had a lot to learn...and most likely a short time in which to learn it. Rosaleen suddenly had visions of many sleepless nights ahead.

'Well, at least those strange dreams wouldn't be bothering me as much.' Rosaleen thought to herself as she watched the rest of her senior staff make their way into the room and take their seats. Time to get started.

Rosaleen stood and addressed her staff. "Good morning everyone. So it looks to be a very busy week ahead..."


Lieutenant Rosaleen O'Donnell
Chief of Operations & Logistics
USS Wayfarer


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