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Enter Lord Chaos

Posted on Fri Aug 28th, 2020 @ 2:08pm by Captain Michael Meezo
Edited on on Fri Aug 28th, 2020 @ 2:52pm

Mission: Nothing To Fear...
Location: USS Wayfarer
Timeline: Day 1


{USS Wayfarer, Bridge, 2115 Hours}

Lieutenant Rosaleen O’Donnell spoke up from the operations console, “Captain, I’m receiving a message from Deep Space Nine. They’ve got Admiral Yoshimeyer on a communication relay from Starfleet Security wanting to speak with you.”

Getting to his feet, Mike started to walk towards his office, “Put it through to my terminal, Lieutenant.”

Mike stepped into his ready room and took a seat at his desk. His desk terminal activated and the image of Admiral Ichigo Yoshimeyer appeared on the screen. “Good evening, Admiral.” Mike smiled warmly.

“Good evening Captain Meezo, I’ll get right to the point. Your next mission will be to transport a dangerous prisoner back to Sector 001 for him to stand trial for crimes he has committed against the Federation.” Admiral Yoshimeyer explained. “He’s currently on Deep Space Nine, but will be transported to your brig shortly.”

“What is this criminal called?” Mike asked, his intrigue growing.

The Admiral frowned, “He calls himself Lord Chaos. Unfortunately that is the only name we have on file for him. Very little is known about his past, other than he was born on Betazed.”

“So he’s a Betazoid?” The Captain queried.

Yoshimeyer nodded, “An extremely powerful one. His crimes were quite horrific in that he would convince his victims to carry out heinous crimes before making them end their own lives.”

Mike was disturbed by this. “And what’s to stop him from doing the same thing on the Wayfarer while we’re transporting him?”

“Doctor Julian Bashir of Deep Space Nine has created a modified cortical inhibitor that works specifically on the synapses of Betazoid brains. Once placed around the prisoner’s neck, he will find it impossible to use his telepathic abilities.” The Admiral explained to the best of his limited medical knowledge. “If he tries to remove it, the thing will give him the nastiest electrical shock of his life. Its like a dog collar I suppose. Its highly experimental, but you should be safe until you reach Earth at least.”

Mike still wasn’t happy at the prospect of having this madman on his ship, but he had to follow orders. “In that case I’ll expect his arrival shortly, Admiral.”

“Good luck, Captain. Yoshimeyer out.”

{A few hours following the Wayfarer’s departure from DS9 - 0106 Hours}

The brig was now occupied. Lord Chaos had been brought onboard and secured safely behind a high level forcefield. Throughout the entire transfer and immediately afterwards, the Betazoid had not said a word to anybody. The single brig officer on duty could see that Chaos was lying awake on his bunk.

Suddenly he spoke out loud, “Tell me, what is your name?”

The brig officer moved towards the cell, stopping approximately five paces away. “Ensign Elina Foxglove. But you will address me as Ensign, or Ensign Foxglove.” The woman answered bluntly. She’d been a brig officer for approximately five years. She had become very good at her job and knew to set boundaries right from the start with any prisoner. “What can I do for you?”

“Do you know who I am?” The man questioned, the volume of his voice barely above a whisper.

Foxglove shrugged, “A criminal who will soon be standing trial for his crimes. That’s all I need and want to know.”

“This... collar. Do you know what it is for?” Chaos asked yet another question.

The Ensign started growing tired of the queries, but answered regardless. “It’s to stop you from being able to use your telepathic abilities.”

The man sat up suddenly, and the collar dropped away from the his neck. He had somehow deactivated the anti-tamper failsafe and he was free once again to use his telepathy. Within seconds he had paralysed Foxglove to the spot. She couldn’t move a muscle in her body, no matter how hard she tried to fight against it. Her eyes opened wide in desperate fear. “One more question Ensign,” the man whispered with no emotion evident on his face, “what do you fear?”

In the corner of her eye, Foxglove saw some movement. A shadow creeping along the floor. It may have been as big as a dog, but without being able to turn her head, she couldn’t identify it. “I see.” Chaos nodded. “Yes, I see your fears.”

Releasing Foxglove from her paralysis, the brig officer fell to the floor. She gasped for breath and she struggled to get herself up into a sitting position. It was then that the shadow in the corner of her eye reappeared. The shadow was in fact a spider the size of a Great Dane. And there wasn’t just one spider; there was a cluster. Four or five giant spiders hissed aggressively at the woman. Foxglove shrieked loudly as she attempted to move away from the attacking arachnids, grabbing a phaser from the desk as she moved. “Let me out and I’ll help you!” Chaos barked from within his cell. “There’s no time to think about it! They will eat you alive without my help! Do it NOW!”

Foxglove reached for the cell release controls and the forcefield lowered. Lord Chaos stepped out of the small compartment and stood above the Ensign. “It’s okay,” he whispered reassuringly, “they won’t hurt you now.”

The spiders disappeared almost instantly, much to Foxglove’s relief. But without warning and against her own free will, her arm reached up to her temple and she fired the phaser. A second later she slumped to the floor, her life extinguished.

Lord Chaos remained emotionless at what he had just done. Closing his black eyes and taking a deep breath, he wondered how many more crew were on this ship for him to torment and torture before he made his escape.


What are the crew’s biggest fears?! I guess we’ll be finding out real soon!!
Sorry it was a quick exit from DS9, but I really wanted to get us going. Basically Lord Chaos is a mysterious Betzoid criminal that can detect what your worst fears are and make them seem real in your minds (like with the spiders and poor Ensign Foxglove). Have fun with this horror / psychological mission! Muhahahaaa!

Captain Michael Meezo
Commanding Officer
USS Wayfarer, NCC-72113


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