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Mysterious Warnings

Posted on Sat Aug 29th, 2020 @ 7:12am by Lieutenant Avery Paxton III & Captain Michael Meezo & Lieutenant Tyvok

Mission: Nothing To Fear...
Location: USS Wayfarer - Main Engineering
Timeline: Day 1

A warning beep started to go off on one of the main engineering consoles. Avery shuddered, it seemed like engineering had become a darker, colder place. She moved in for a closer inspection of the warning. Some strange readings were coming across on the magnetic containment field.

“Paxton to the bridge, are you running any test programs up there?”

The Captain’s voice replied over the comm-system almost immediately, “Nothing of consequence, Lieutenant. We’re only running a level 2 diagnostic on the deflector array, but otherwise nothing.”

She noticed Ensign Tyvok looking at her suspiciously. Why does he seem so unphased by this? If it gets out of hand we’re looking at a possible warp core breach. She wondered. “Are you not seeing this Tyvok?”

Tyvok walked over and looked at the console. "There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary, lieutenant. Am I missing something?

“What? The magnetic containment field is deteriorating! How are you not seeing this?! It’s right here on the console!” Avery replied, panic creeping into her voice as the integrity of the field continued to collapse.

"Perhaps I was wrong to think you would do well at the Vulcan Science Academy," an older male voice said from behind Tyvok.

He bolted around, surprised. Standing in the middle of the engine room was Ambassador Saben.

"Father? I was not aware you would be visiting the Wayfarer", Tyvok replied, a tinge of disbelief in his voice.

The man nodded. "It seems you are quite unaware of a great many things."

Avery raised an eyebrow and glanced in Tyvok's direction, “Tyvok, who are you talking to? We have more important things to worry about!” She yelled as the magnetic containment field seemed to reach a critical level of deterioration.

Suddenly the warning stopped. What the hell? Avery quickly typed away on the computer in an attempt to find out what had just happened, but to her surprise there was no record of any issues with the magnetic containment field. It was as if nothing had occurred.

She turned to face Tyvok, puzzled. "What....just happened?"

Tyvok had turned at Avery's insistance, and he noted the console still was showing nominal, as it had before. "My father, Ambassador Saben..."

He turned back, and his father was gone.

"Curious...." he trailed off.

"Your father?" Avery inquired. "Tyvok, no one was here....Maybe we both just need a new cup of coffee?"

Tyvok thought for a moment about the experience, and it was definitely more than just a hallucination. He had remembered similar apparitions during his telepathic training as a child.

"Perhaps you are correct, lieutenant." Tyvok paused for a moment, and arched an eyebrow, "are you aware if we have many psionic crewmembers aboard?"

"I don't know offhand, I'm sure theres some on the manifest somewhere." She replied as they headed towards the nearest the replicator. The captain had told all of the senior staff about the psionic prisoner that they were transporting, but he was secured away in the brig and her mind was too busy replaying the recent events that she didn't think to make the connection.


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