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Medical Checkup

Posted on Tue May 2nd, 2023 @ 10:29am by Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro" & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: USS Wayfarer's Sickbay

As his turn was winding to an end, Mark sat silently at his desk in the CMO office. The day had been exausting in between getting back into the daily ship routine and getting to know and visit all the new officers on board.

The sickbay was still buzzing with activity even if it was mostly ordinary one. As he swept through the various biobeds to assess the conditions of the crewmates being treated in the Wayfarer's sickbay, he found himself overthinking.

He sghted and flipped his data PaDD on. A picture of him with an Orion girl showed up. He smiled as he started typing something.

"Ah; can I help you, Commander?" he could hear one of the nurses greeting as the doors to the sickbay slid open.

"Uh, yes, actually," came a familiar voice. "I'm here for my mandatory health screening; is Doctor Johnson available?"

The nurse smiled to the commander “I think he just finished his turn, but I’ll check” she kindly answered.

Overhearing the conversation, Mark flipped his PaDD off and peaked out of the CMO Office where he was hiding.

“It’s all ok, Betty. I’ll take care of that” he chimed in, giving the nurse a thanking nod and dismissing her. “Good evening, commander” he saluted while grabbing his white medical goon and wearing it. “Here for the onboarding screening, huh?” rhetorically asked heading towards the closest biobed and gesturing to her to lay.

“How do you find yourself on board?” he asked with a smile as he recalled her medical file “Quite a surprise for all of us to have you here after Risa” he concluded with a calm and accommodating voice.

"My thoughts likewise," the XO replied. "Though, in all fairness, I was hardly aware of the fact Captain Misaki was scouting me out for the position."

"Just as a matter of formality" he continued while double checking it on the medical file "name, rank, date of birth" he smiled.

"Commander Mashiro Munetani, date-of-birth May 27, 2348," the XO rattled off without so much as skipping a beat.

Mark nodded confirming the data he had.

“Very well” he started “any allergy, implants or serious trauma you suffered either before joining Starfleet or during the service?” he probed while executing a full body scan through the biobed to rule out any current articular issue and the effectiveness of the circulatory system.

"No implants, and no allergies so far as I'm aware," Mashiro replied. "As for trauma... are we talking in regards to the physical or psychological variety? I've had some previous doctors make the distinction."

Mark took the readings from the biobed console and piped the data into the commander’s medical file.

“Either of them” he confirms “even though I’m not a psychologist” he explained “but there’s a valid counselor on board and if you need I’m pretty sure she can arrange for a talk with you anytime.”

"I intend to schedule a session with her as soon as I'm done here," Mashiro informed him, though there was an evident air of hesitation in her voice as she said so.

He ran a few more scans on the biobed to evaluate the current body mass index and other data even if the recent hike in the Risian mountains helped him assess her overall shape and health in a practical situation.

“I’ve got my share of psychological trauma” he continued while scanning her “talking with someone is one of the most important things, even if not exactly the easiest sometimes”

"After these past couple of years, I wouldn't be surprised if all of us here are carrying some form of trauma," Mashiro lamented, though she was evidently ducking the question when it came to discussing her own psychological trauma.

Mark sketched a shy smile at her words “I would say so” he echoed her point while completing the scans and avoiding to dig deeper in the psychological trauma topic.

“Well, I would say you are fit for duties, or, put it in another way, at this time you can’t use a medical certificate to escape the duties on board” he chuckled a little, lending her a hand to help her down the biobed.

“If you need anything you know where to find me, otherwise the next medical checkup is scheduled six months from now” he locked eyes into hers “..and if you want to have a chat about anything, you can count on my professional secret. Either in here or with a tea in the mess hall” he offered signing off her medical file with the latest updates.

Mashiro's appeared to ponder Mark's offer for a second or two, before inevitably reaching a decision.

"The mess hall, tonight at 2200 hours," she quietly instructed him. "Most officers will have turned in for the evening, so we can continue this discussion away from prying ears."

“Oh… OK” he answered, almost taken aback by her reaction “I’ll….I’ll be there” he promised, trying to sound as professional as possible while his curiosity mounted and his mind raced through an infinite number of different reasons for that weird hour choice.

“If you want to talk more privately we can arrange for it to my quarters, your pick” he offered while taking his white medical goon off.

"The mess hall will suffice," Mashiro replied. "We're not likely to run into anyone at that hour."

The doctor agreed widening a shiny smile "deal done then" he confirmed to the woman

Mashiro nodded and got up off the biobed. "Well, then... other than that, will there be anything else you'll be needing me for, Doctor?"

Mark shook his head "Not at all, commander" he showed her the exit "You're healthy but remember to keep exercising and eat properly. I know that sometimes it's not that easy on board of a vessel but we all should try to aim for a healthier lifestyle" he smiled "see you later" he concluded to then get back into his office and finish typing the message he put on hold earlier.

Mashiro nodded before eventually turning and making her way out the door.

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