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A Different Type of Starfleet

Posted on Thu Apr 27th, 2023 @ 12:00am by Captain Akeno Misaki
Edited on on Thu Apr 27th, 2023 @ 12:01am

Mission: Cracks in the mirror
Location: Pri'Tak Colony

[Pri'Tak - Colony Klingon along the Federation Klingon/Federation Border]

It had been many years since Colonel Thox had seen the heat and excitement of battle. The old Klingon had seen countless wars and skirmishes in his history. The Dominion War just past had been a missed opportunity for the old warrior. Now he had grown fat, old, tired and was babysitting this little colony and weapons research laboratory.

He had grown complacent in his older years, but he was also out of practise with a blade and a disruptor. He couldn't remember the last time he had actually engaged in battle, nevermind hand to hand combat.

Today was like any other day. He sat asleep in the center chair of the colony's command center. The small room was laid out a little like the bridge of an old B'rel bird of prey, with consoles controlling the planets systems. Everything could be controlled from this room, including planetary shields to the old disruptor defense battery installed on the roof.

The sound of something beeping stirred the old Klingon. "What is that noise?!" he bellowed, his eyes not even opening. "Turn that noise off NOW!"

"Colonel..." one of the younger Klingon warriors replied. "Sensors show some sort of interspacial rift opening in orbit!"

Grumbling Thox pulled himself out of the chair. "Show me". His voice was gruff and low in tone. The viewscreen set into the wall showed what seemed like a wormhole forming in orbit of the planet, however it had hues of red in its colouration.

"What is it?" Thox asked.

"I don't know my lord" the other Klingon said. "There's some sort of ship coming through!"

Thox watched as a small Starfleet Ship emerged from the rift. It wasn't any sort of design that the old Klingon had seen before. It was sleek, but also looked like it had been fitted more as a warship than a Federation Starship.

"Starfleet?" Thox questioned.

"The ship is showing a Starfleet Signature. However, there's something different about it..."

"Whats different!" Thox demanded.


Thox didn't answer as the room shook violently. The Starship had opened fire. Along the hull were additional phaser cannon batteries, phaser strips, torpedo launchers and other weapons mounted to the hull. The Starship was now unleashing a barrage of weapons fire down on the colony.

The colonel stumbled as the room shook, consoles showering him in sparks. One of the consoles exploded causing fire and smoke to fill the room. "OUT!" he bellowed grabbing the other Klingon by the scruff of the neck and dragging him towards the door. His lungs burned as he choked on the smoke, dragging the other warrior out of the building into the courtyard.

Once had had regained his posture he watched as continuous phaser fire rained down on the colony. Ear splitting screams and yelps filled the air, as smoke rose from the other buildings. "TAKE COVER!" he yelled again as a photon torpedo plummeted from the heavens striking the very building they had just come from. The command center exploded, casting dust, dirt parts of the building in every direction.

Thox growled angrily as he managed to rise back to his feet. Suddenly the phaser fire stopped and a moment of eerie silence fell upon the colony. It didn't last long as the courtyard was suddenly filled with what looked like Starfleet Officers beaming in with phaser rifles.

There was a brief moment of silence before the Starfleet Officers began to open fire on anyone who wasn't wearing their uniform. Phaser bolts and beams bounced around the courtyard, striking Klingons.

"By Kahless. This isn't an attack..." Thox coughed. "Its an exterimination!". He reached for the Bat'leth he usually kept on his back, however he couldn't find it. His trusted weapon must have fallen off during the attack, or the old fool had forgotton to carry it that morning.

Several female Humans surrouned the colonel, their phaser rifles pointed at him. These Humans seemed different to the colonel. Either Starfleet had changed how their officers dressed and acted, or these were not from the Starfleet he knew. Their uniforms had been cropped under their chests to reveal their midriffs, they all carried a knife on their belt and their comm badges were different. A yellow Earth being pierced by a sword. Each of them also wore a patch on their shoulder from their Starship.

"Move and we blast your head off Klingon!" one of them threatened. "Our Captain wants to speak with you. Waste of time if you ask me, dealing with you Klingons. We shouldn't even bother talking to you, but focus on eliminating your filth from this galaxy!"

"Enough!" a woman's voice called from behind the officer. The group seperated to allow the woman to walk through. She wore a similar uniform. A cropped uniform showing off her midriff and navel. Her belt also had a knife attached, however hers had a gold pattern on the handle. She wore four pips on her epilettes. The phaser compression rifle rested on her shoulder as she walked towards the Klingon.

"I take it that you are Colonel Thox?" she said simply, a strange smile stretching across her face.

"You dare attack the Klingon Empire!" Thox spat back.

"Yes. I do dare. Now you're going to tell me where you keep these new 'Experimental Weapons'. I will be taking them today!" the woman said back simply.

"I won't tell you anything! I'd rather die!" Thox said as he made a lunge towards the woman. He was however too slow, the woman pulled down her rifle and with one swift movement delivered a single shot to the Klingons chest. He stumbled backwards falling to the floor.

"Who... Are you?" he managed to stutter.

The woman walked towards him placing a boot on the side of his head. "I am Captain Akeno Misaki of the Warship Wayfarer. Not that it matters to you!"

There was a flash of phaser fire as Akeno ended the old Klingons life. She turned to her crew. "Find those weapons. Then kill them all. No survivors!"

The other officers saluted their captain. "Yes Captain!" they all called in unison. Akeno walked away from the body that had once being the Klingon warrior before she disappeared in the light of a transporter beam. The screams and cries echoed around the colony as the Humans continued their assault.

Pri'Tak fell silent forty seven minutes later...

To be continued...


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