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Analyzing the samples

Posted on Wed Feb 8th, 2023 @ 1:51am by Lieutenant Commander Raelyn Mckenzie & Lieutenant Commander Mark Johnson

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Crime Scene
Timeline: Right After "He's Dead, Jim"

As soon as the rest of the crew left the room Mark motioned back towards the body of lieutenant Kennerdy “Well, since we are at it and waiting for Starfleet Security, let’s analyze this blood and swab” he said talking to himself while setting up his medical tricorder and finding a clean spot where he could easily work and run a few tests without contaminating the crime scene.

“Do you think any of the neighbors heard anything?” he asked Raeyln while starting from the blood sample he took and getting the tricorder to look analyze it in order to look for any useful hints. “Rooms are all close one to each other and walls…well…they don’t seem that thick and sound-proof” explained.

"It is possible" Raelyn began. "Especially if any of them have better hearing."

She scratched her chin. She couldn't exactly leave and check what Mark was suggesting as she was the only one that would be rendering the scene secure. But it could be a chance to gain more evidence to find the suspect.

"That too" he nodded while getting the fist blood sample tested. "Oh, this would take a while...would love to have better equipment at hands as of now" he sighed.

"Maybe we can consider telling Starfleet Security to double check that too. Not that I do not trust them but..." he grinned.

The medical scanner beeped as soon as the blood sample analysis was over.

“Let’s see what we have in here” he mumbled, reaching for the tricorder and going through the data.

A few minutes later he shook his head. “Nothing weird, no drugs for sure. Our colleague was pretty much healthy with the exception of…” he scrolled the data fed from the medical scanner to his data PaDD, “He has...” his head tilted slightly on the right “well, had” he corrected himself “235 mg/dL cholesterol value.”

His eyes darted over towards the corpse of the laying lieutenant. “His triglycerides are sky high, and his high-density lipoprotein are contained, but he definitely didn’t die of a stroke”. He shrugged “aside from assessing that he probably lived a pretty bad lifestyle, either exercising very little or having a bad diet” he explained “we don’t have much to add to the autopsy. I’ll wrap things up and write down a report to submit to Starfleet Security.” the male doctor finally concluded startying to type down something on his data PaDD awaiting for Starfleet Security arrival.

Raelyn nodded. "Understood. I'll keep watch outside the door in the hallway for Starfleet Security and if the perp has the bright idea of returning."

After that, she moved to outside the room in front of the door, waiting for Mark to finish wrapping things up.


Lt. Mark Johnson
Chief Medical Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Raelyn Mckenzie
Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Second Officer
USS Wayfaer


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