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Pirate X

Posted on Tue Jan 31st, 2023 @ 4:50pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Commander Mashiro Munetani "Shiro"

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Pau'Aulani Resort- Mashiro's Room, Floor 3
Timeline: Approximately 3 minutes after "He's Dead, Jim"

Akeno followed Mashiro as she led her to her room. She smirked slightly as they arrived at the door. "You know, if someone see's us, they might be suspicious. Two cute girls going back to one room..." she said in a hushed voice.

Her comment seemed to elicit the desired effect, as poor Mashiro was practically glowing with embarrassment.

"I mean... it's fine, isn't it?" she huffed, fishing out her key card and using it to unlock the door. "It's not like the resort has restrictions against same-sex couples, right?"

Akeno smirked as they entered the room. "Right, lets see what we've got in these files then" she said as she placed them onto the dressing table.

Mashiro nodded and began leafing through the documents.

"Let's see... according to the table of contents, the full report would've gone on to detail a string of piracy-related incidents in the neutral zone," she observed. "Unfortunately, guess which pages contained that information?"

"Funny that..." Akeno responded. "The information on the person he was following is gone. I think whoever took that information is our murderer."

"Question now is, who was Lieutenant Kennedy following?" Mashiro remarked as she picked up page 5 and read off one of the excerpts:

"On Stardate 48696.53, the FMS Kretin, a Ferengi merchant vessel carrying approximately 10,000 IBS of gold-pressed latinum in transit to be deposited at the bank of Ferenginar, was attacked within a neutral region of space known as "The Triangle." The attacking vessel was described by surviving crew members as resembling a B'Rel-Class Bird-Of-Prey crudely painted up in a black-and-purple color scheme, with a large, orange 'X' painted on the wings and underbelly. After a brief firefight, the Kretin was swiftly disabled, and a boarding party of 'mixed specimens' was beamed aboard. The alleged leader of the operation was described to be..."

She looked back up at Akeno and shook her head. "Guess what's on the next page?"

"Nothing" Akeno sighed as she sifted through more papers. "Although, I am seeing references to a 'Pirate X' as a name at least. Maybe a codename or call sign?"

"Most certainly a callsign," Mashiro agreed. "Sort of like a modern-day jolly roger, if that makes for a comparison."

"It makes sense to me. Afterall, if this Pirate X guy... or girl... wants to be known, having a call sign to initiate fear is a way of enforcing power and control." Akeno explained. "Very classic Treasure Island though." She couldn't help but smirk.

Mashiro leaned forward and scratched her chin. "You know... back when I was on the Rising Sun, I think I remember hearing about the Kretin heist," she remarked, pulling out her PADD. "It was a big deal back in the day, as up to that point it was one of the largest thefts of Gold-Pressed Latinum ever recorded. The Bank of Ferenginar even offered a reward for the pirates' apprehension..."

After a few seconds of scrolling, she pulled up a wanted poster and handed it over to Akeno.

Akeno took the poster. However there was no photograph of 'Pirate X'. Just his name and a plead for those with information to come forward. "Great wanted poster..." Akeno sighed. "Do these things actually work?"

Mashiro shrugged. "No idea. Its an old fashioned way of finding someone. Looks like a draft if anything..." she clicked her fingers together. "Maybe the Lieutenant was attempting to get an image of this 'Pirate X'? That may explain why he was following so closely."

"It's possible, but I guess we won't know now," Akeno sighed. She slotted the papers back together in order and placed them back into the file. "Well, we now know that this 'Pirate X' is most likely responsible, that's something at least..."

"Still, it's just my luck that the information we need is missing'" sighed Mashiro.

"Oh don't be so down Shiro-Chan. We're closer than before at least!" Akeno grinned.

"I told you, don't call me Shiro-Chan!" Mashiro grumbled.

Akeno simply smirked as she stood up and held the papers to her chest. She was enjoying winding up her new Executive Officer, not that Mashiro realised who Akeno actually was and that she had already been selected for the role.

"Come on, let's go find the others" Akeno suggested with a smile. "Pirate X, we will find you!" She stated raising a fist into the air. "Because on a treasure Mao, X marks the spot!"

Mashiro just shook her head as she followed her out of the room. "Just my luck..." she muttered.

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