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Admirals, Captains & Cats

Posted on Fri Aug 12th, 2022 @ 11:53pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Rania Bhatti

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Starbase 12

Akeno arrived outside of the Admirals office a few minutes after leaving the Wayfarer. She stopped to check her appearance in a wall to ceiling mirror before she stepped over the threshold. The mission with the Arista Colony warranted a face to face debrief, especially considering the Tyranians being a new threat to The Federation.

Following closely behind Captain Misaki was the brown cat from the Wayfarer, one that enjoyed knocking things off her desk, and roaming around the Wayfarer with poise and pride. Though a small creature, it had ensured that it was remembered by any crew that caught sight of it though it eluded them if they tried to pursue it. One ensign has managed to place a hand upon its back, only to require several laser 'stitches' to heal the shredded up forearm.

In his office Admiral Sutok, a silver haired Vulcan had been practicing his mental conditioning with an invigorating round of kal-toh. It was stimulating his mind and proving to be a bit of a challenge albeit one that logically knew he would defeat with patience and precision.

His concentration shifted only momentarily away from the shape changing puzzle as he removed a piece, the Captain's arrival brought his gaze up upon her. "Captain Akeno Misaki of the USS Wayfarer, third Commanding Officer of the Intrepid class starship," noted the Admiral as the puzzle changed shape.

"Your recent voyages have not brought you prosperity," he commented in reference to the starship's most recent loss. "Be seated," he said as he raised a brow in response to seeing a small domestic brown haired feline follow Akeno in. "Fascinating" he added.

Akeno nodded sadly as she slipped into a seat, upon spotting the cat she let out a sigh. "Apologies Admiral, it seems that one of my crews cat has joined us" she stated. "I've noticed that she seems to be rather attached to me..." she tapped her knees indicating for the cat to jump up and sit on her skirt.

Petting the cat softly between the ears she changed the topic. "And yes, the loss of Captain Fibel was very saddening for us all"

The Vulcan nodded. "They are intelligent creatures," noted the Admiral. "Perhaps it is protective of you" he offered as he studied the shape that his round of kal-toh had turned into. "The USS Unicorn will be assisting with Arista colony."

Nodding Akeno smiled slightly. "Yes, I was told they were en route when we made contact with command. I hope they can help find a cure for the colonists 'condition' if not, then at least ease their suffering although..." she paused " amount of counseling will ever help them after all they've been through..."

The cat let out a lowly noise of agitation as it looked up at Captain Misaki. Keeping its claws in as to not scratch the woman, the feline stretched a front leg out and swatted Akeno's face several times.

Admiral Sutok raised a brow. "Perhaps not as protective," he noted and reached for a PaDD. "Have you placed any thought of your First Officer position aboard the Wayfarer?"

Akeno smiled nervously as she gently placed the cat down on her lap to prevent her from swatting her face. She kept a firm but gentle hand on her to keep her secure as she reached forward and took the PADD. "Indeed I have. I've looked through a few of the candidates" she said. "I'm still unsure who to choose, however Commander Munetani is on the starbase is she not?"

"Yes," replied the Admiral. "Which is why their personnel file is on the PADD for you to look over. Though an illogical and perplexing choice, they do have command training."

"Yeah" Akeno replied. "I still have a few days to decide right? They're not supposed to report for duty until the ship is die to depart..." she pondered as she flicked through the candidates.

"Perhaps," he replied. "Though one can never say with certainty. What we plan for rarely happens in the way that we envision." He leaned forward and pulled another piece to the kal-toh configuration causing it to change.

When the shape changed he studied it with some flash of perplexity. "I have inadvertently placed myself in a poor position" he commented. He then looked at the Captain. "Your crew are on shore leave for ten days, are they not?"

"Yes sir they are" Akeno replied trying to work out what was so bad about the current shape of the Kal-toh. She slotted the PADD under her arm. "Is there any news on making formal contact with the Tyranians?" She asked curiously.

"It is in the...I believe the expression is 'pipeline' thought I am uncertain about the details of that" said the Admiral. "Contact and diplomacy take time."

Akeno sighed. "Well, let's hope they find a new food source. As long as Humans are off the menu I can sleep easier. I don't want to end up wined and dined, with me being the main course; if you get my meaning." She briefly paused" Not that they'd get much meat off me" she added with a smirk.

"Indeed," the Vulcan replied. "The candidates you are looking at for First Officer, have you looked within your own crew?" he inquired as he studied and analyzed the next move to potentially make.

"Yes sir I have. However, I need people where they are right now. They're all in the places they need to be. Plus, after what happened with both TJ and now Jonathan, I think it's time for my 3rd one to be lucky... wait..." she pondered for a moment. "Third time lucky, that's how it goes right?"

The cat pulled away and hissed at Akeno, unhappy about something as she hopped up on the Admiral's desk and flicked its tail at Akeno. It then looked at the kal-toh and with its mouth grabbed a small slither of a piece and gently slid back on the desk pulling it from its place.

The Vulcan was even more perplexed when the move that the cat had made stabilized the object which reformed much closer to completion. "This cat just made a strategical move successfully."

"You did claim that cats have high intelligence. This one in particular seems to support your statement" Akeno smiled as she held out a hand to the curious feline. "You know sir, crews on Earth ships from old wooden sailing vessels right upto steam powered battleships used to bring a cat aboard when at sea for long periods of time. When this curious one got into my ready room I did a spot of research..."

"Apparently, bringing a cat on board helped keep any mice either away at foreign ports, and if they did stow away they would catch and kill them. Some ships even considered them full crewmembers" Akeno explained not realising she was rambling.

The Vulcan made one last move to complete the round of kal-toh. The cat had perhaps spared the Admiral from an embarrassing defeat. "I do not believe you will have many encounters with mice, but the cat seems to be worth keeping around. To which crew member does the cat belong to?"

"Our Chief Counselor" Akeno answered. "She's rather quiet at times, but she's gid a good heart and she's a damn fine Counselor. She has my trust"

Fetching another PADD the Vulcan pulled up some information. "Ah," he said and nodded. "The thief," he said which led to the brown cat moving across the desk slowly and looking up at the Admiral and making an agitated noise "...and circus performer" he added as he studied the cat closely as he scooted his chair back slowly.

Akeno raised an eyebrow in confusion, much like a Vulcan would. "Sir?"

He stood from his seat and walked over to the replicator ordering a plate of fish. "Your Counsellor has an interesting background. An orphan raised on Xanthan, but logically, you've studied their personnel file" he said placing the plate on the floor. The cat making a pleasurable sound, locking its lips and launching off the desk down to the floor and heading to the plate.

"Her criminal offenses were expunged from her record, but there are some places that you may not wish to bring her to" the Admiral explained.

Akeno didn't know most of what the Admiral had said with it being off her record. "I see. I guess I will speak to her regarding that" she stated. "Is there anything else you need me for?"

"No, Captain, not as of the moment. Please take the cat with you back to the Wayfarer" said the Admiral. "And keep that Counsellor of yours close. Quiet is unusual for her from what I have read."

Akeno nodded as she stood up at attention. "Yes sir. Thankyou sir" she said awaiting to be dismissed. She glanced over at the cat hoping it would sense to follow.

The cat looked over back at Admiral Sutok, raising its ass and wiggling it as it zoomed forward charging at the doorway and leaping upward onto Akeno's shoulder, using its claws slightly to secure itself.

Losing posture only for a slight second as the cats claws dig into her shoulder slightly. She wasn't expecting her to jump up onto her shoulder.

"Dismissed, Captain," Admiral Sutok said. He raised an eyebrow. This cat was peculiar and fascinating.

Akeno nodded, turned and the strode out of the room. As soon as she was out of the office she turned to look the cat directly in the eyes. They seemed familiar to her somehow. "Well then..." she wasn't sure of the cats actual name..."Mittens; I have a holiday planet with two sun's awaiting my arrival. Via our little starship though, shall we get you back to those fifteen decks we call home?" She asked.

The cat opened its mouth and a noise came out. It was almost as if it tried to answer, but the two 'syllables' were cute cat gibberish to the Captain ear. Instead the cat simply purred and butted its head against Akeno's.

Petting the cat Akeno smiled. "Come on then. I've got a nice new blue and white striped crop top I'm just dying to try out in the sunshine..." she told her feline friend as she began walking back towards the Wayfarer.

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