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Anor's Model Log: Intrepid

Posted on Tue Aug 24th, 2021 @ 12:42am by Lieutenant Torvin Anor

Okay, Personal log on! Time to log some personal...things.

Oh what am I doing? This isn't what I do. I work on phase coils not spout my personal feelings on an omnipresent tape player to mark for history.

But considering I'm on a ship now...a lot could happen out here. I could go missing! I mean I could die! And while I've made peace with that, to take the risk to go out there, To experience life in the wild, on an -actual- starship.

....But if any of that does happen I don't want to be forgotten.

*A pause*

So! He's what we're going to do! I'm going to work on a model, and I'm going to talk openly as I do. If you want to follow at home...replicate the model kit I suppose. Or whatever you do now.

Replicate model kit #54684B: Intrepid Class, please.

[[Noises of replication]]

Okay so, naturally we shall start with the Intrepid class! Made at Utopia Planitia, commissioned in 2370. Famous ships include the USS Voyager who vanished shortly after her commissioning in 2371. But also includes the USS Bellerophon which is in current active service, and the USS Wayfarer, which I currently have my tush sat upon!

Why did I choose placement on this ship you ask? That can be found in its technical specifications. The Bio neural gel packs are used to build organic level neural fibres into a standard computer system interface, or the variable geometry pylons, or the tricyclic input manifold and the class 9 warp drive! All of this budding tech in a single ship is a feast for a hopeful shipwright, right?

Or perhaps I just wanted to finally do something, make a difference. Don't get me wrong starbases are important! But they're the safe haven, right? The place people come home to after doing the cool stuff. Well, I want to do the cool stuff, I want to see the sights and make a difference. Show the galaxy that a future lies ahead of us!

*It goes quiet for a little while, as he works on the model. The sound of plastic assembly and small brushstrokes are the only things on the recording.*

*coughs* Sorry, seems this is a little more...cathartic than I expected. Anyway, as I work on the saucer section they -hmmm, the model kits missing a window on deck 8- it's an interesting design, more streamlined than the older classes like the Galaxy or Nebula. It allows the vessel to generate a tighter warp bubble. Makes the Jefferies tubes a lot tighter than a starbase that's for sure!

That's where I work by the way, mostly. I spent days in there when I first arrived, learning every inch. It's like a maze, a secret passage around the entire ship, and all full of the important bits to do my work on. So I now I needed to learn it, memorise it. I can beat a turbolift between decks...if it stops at every stop in-between but you get my point!

Anyway, I've spent most of my time here in the things, fixing the things that are a pain to reach. But for me, It's like touching the beating heart of the ship itself, every vein, every capillary. All have my hands on them, as close as I'll get to feeling the field of the warp core, the energy of the reactor. All of it there.

Also between decks 4 and 5 on the port side, there is a spacious junction that you can put a small mat down. Put some music on, and the acoustics make it just the most relaxing spot to rest in. Though your intrepid may be different so your mileage may vary! Don't tell security I do that. I've just been telling them it's a sensor ghost for the last few months...


There, onto the main body, -oh nice they've done the internals well on this kit- I don't really "walk the decks" that much, so it's cool to see on the model. A lot of people think I'm shy, but that's not really the case. I like people! It's just the whole "Empath" thing...

My parents were amazing, but they were Trill. So I didn't get a good course on the whole "How do I stop feeling everyone's emotions being flung at me like a dodgeball game?" Do you know how hard it is to communicate with someone, to keep a polite tone when all you feel is boredom and annoyance coming from them, frustration? Or having to brace myself whenever a dispute opens up. To feel their anger?

So yes, I hide in the quiet, emotionally empty vents, and I do it a lot...probably too much. But whatever, it gets the job done, and I do my work so nobody bothers me...most of the time. Oh now, onto the variable pylons here! a pretty solid hinge for a replication! Angles a bit too much but not enough to be distracting.

*a few moments pass, as he focuses on the model, finally the sounds die out.*

There! An intrepid I'll paint her up to be the Wayfarer, NCC-72113. From what I've seen, she has a good crew and a good captain! We'll see how I feel when it's my turn to get off the ride.

I think I'll do the painting off record. A man should paint in peace.

Computer, end whatever kind of thing this is...I meant log, Computer end l-


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