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On standby

Posted on Tue May 18th, 2021 @ 3:55am by Ensign Robert Lee Jr.

Been sitting here for months waiting for Lt. Bailey to report in to the shuttle bay so we may disembark. I am at least able to get back to my quarters to grab a bite to eat and wash up when off duty while putting back the survival bag at the security station on my way back to my quarters. I've been entertaining myself with solitaire on a PADD using it's generic operating system. Although I did find this odd 20th Century Game called Minesweeper that I tried a month or two ago and it has been a change of pace from going through a deck of cards to find a Jack of Hearts when finish a game.

At this point I am wondering if my drive to get promoted and not be a typical 'meatshield' in Starfleet is for naught. There has to be other personnel in Starfleet in the existence of it that had to put up with what I am having to. At least now I can finally come to terms with punching this in to relax myself and motivate myself to keep pressing on while waiting for this L.T. to show a sign of life so we can move on with this mission. I do wonder if the ship's mission is still on going while one part of it is waiting for one lone man.


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