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A Little Present

Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 @ 3:33pm by Lieutenant Basil Dampfish

Dampfish stepped through the opening doors and looked around at his newly remodeled quarters. Spartan and clean, they passed his inspection. With a nod and a tight smile, he set his rucksack down on the bed and zipped it open.

Slumping into a chair, he pulled his PADD out and set it on the table beside him.

"Computer, start personal log." =chirp=

"Scan the PADD's recordings for the data I marked as 'away'. Identify instances where historical data does not match recordings marked as 'academy', and summarize the differences." =chirp - 4.7 kiloquads scanned=

"File a copy of the data sets and the analysis in my personal account. Also, forward a copy to Starfleet Academy History and Research department." =chirp=

"End personal log."


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