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Dinner Date

Posted on Thu Nov 10th, 2022 @ 5:17am by Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: When on Risa...
Location: Resort Restaurant

The day at the beach had been fun, truly it had been a fantastic day. However Akeno was looking forward to her evening, and her dinner date with Xander. She had returned to her room, showered and was now going through her wardrobe looking for something nice to wear.

She just couldn't believe that she had gotten so intoxicated, the night before which led to her meeting this Xander guy. Also to top it off, he had asked her out on a date.

"I wonder why he picked me?" Akeno asked herself outloud as she held different dresses against her body in front of the mirror. The red one reminded her far too much of her uniform colours, and the black one also seemed to have a 'Starfleety' kind of feel to it.

Finally she had decided to settle on a dark navy blue dress. It was short on her, but it showed off her figure nicely. A strange bubbly feeling in her tummy was bothering her, she couldn't help but feel nervous as she made her way down to the restaurant.

She stood sheepishly at the entrance, peeking in wondering where Xander might be.

"Good evening," A familiar voice said from behind her. Akeno turned to see thse beautiful eyes again.

"Hi..." she said nervously, her cheeks glowing a slight shade of pink.

"Well Akeno. You look very beautiful tonight, shall we go and find a table?" Xander asked holding out his arm for her to take. He gestured towards the restaurant. Akeno nodded, slowly she looped her arm around his and allowed herself to be led into the restaurant.

"We'll have a table for two. Please ensure its as private as possible," Xander said to the Risian who was seating customers. The Risian nodded and led them both to a booth by the large windows.

Akeno slipped into the seat opposite Xander and glanced out the window. The Risian sunset cast long shadows over the bay, and the dark orange sky was like a watercolour painting. She turned her attention back to Xander who was patiently awaiting for her to check the menu.

"How was your day?" Xander asked curiously.

"It was fun. I spent it down on the beach with some of my crew. We played some beach games, volleyball and had a sand castle competition. It was nice to let my hair down," Akeno smiled as she perused the menu.

"Sounds like it was fun. I would have enjoyed seeing you in your bikini," Xander said with a playful smirk. Akeno's cheeks began to blush again, she had never had anyone say something like that to her before.

"Well, I still have a while left on shoreleave. You could join us if we have another beach day?" she replied with a smile. "I gather you can swim?"

"I'll swim for you, thats for sure Akeno," Xander replied. "And yes, I would love to join your party on the beach one day. I hear there's a nice spot for stargazing down on the private beach at night,"

"I see a lot of stars," Akeno chuckled. "But never in that sort of way, it sounds like I might enjoy it."

Xander smiled as the waiter came back. Xander ordered the steak with a side of fries, Akeno opted for something more her style. The Risian Salmon with sateed potatoes and fresh vegetables. The waited confirmed their orders and then disappeared topass their orders to the kitchen.

"So, what brings you to Risa?" Akeno asked curiously.

"I needed to get away for a little while. You know how every day life is, you need a break. Plus, I got to meet you. Even if you can't hold your liquor, I still find you very attractive." Xander's words seemed to roll off his tongue with a smooth style that penetrated deep into Akeno's heart. "What about you?"

"Well, we needed some shoreleave. We've had a rough time on the ship. I did tell you I was a Starfleet Captain right?"

"You told me, the bar, probably the entire resort by the time you had finished shouting it," Xander laughed. "You're so very young to have made captain this early, how did that happen?"

"Matter of circumstance really. After the War, Starfleet needed to replace its captains. I never intended to make it this far, but it just kind of happened," Akeno replied with a smile. "I only command a small ship, so its not that impressive."

"Its impressive to me. Plus I look forward to seeing your ship." Xander replied with a smile. "Ah our drinks are here..."

The waiter had returned and placed two champagne glasses down in front of them. They then placed a bucket of ice, with the bottle of champagne in on the table.

"You ordered Champagne?" Akeno asked as the waited walked away.

Xander grinned as he opened the bottle with a 'pop' and began to pour it out into the glasses. "I wanted tonight to be special, to celebrate our first date. Also, a beautiful woman like you deserved the good stuff."

Akeno picked up her glass which was now full and took a sip of the bubbly liquid. She had never really had champage before, it was unusual to her, but she drank it anyways. She could already feel the alcohol getting to her head slightly, probably because she hadn't eaten since lunch time.

"Can I ask. What made you ask me out tonight?" she looked him directly in the eyes, she wanted to know. It wasn't that she minded, in fact she was rather enjoying it, but she was simply curious.

"Well, you looked lonely last night. Plus, from the moment I met you I knew I had to attempt to get one date out of you. Plus you are very attractive, you come across as a nice person and someone I think I can possibly consider a relationship with..." Xander averted his gaze, looking out over the bay.

Akeno couldn't help but smile at his response, it was genuine and truthful. "Well, I look forward to more dates and..." she paused as she felt her cheeks starting to burn "A possible relationship..." she said. An awkward silence fell upon the couple only to be broken by the waiter arriving with their food orders.

"Thank you" Xander said as his food was placed in front of him. "This looks tasty" he said as he tucked into his food. A few moments of silence fell upon them both as they ate.

Finally Akeno broke the silence. "So, how would this work? I'm only here for a few days, and I live and work on a Starship..."

Xander smiled. "Well, my business can be done from anywhere. I'm an independant trader. Kind of like a 'middle-man'... Nothing illegal I assure you" he said holding up a hand with a nervous laugh. "I trade in legit things, so I guess I could always join your ship. Do you have civilians aboard?"

Akeno stopped eating. "Well, my ship isn't exactly a big ship. We don't really have civilians aboard. Plus, it would be awkward if something happened..."

"What do you think would happen?" he asked leaning into her. "Plus, I have my own ship. Its only a small shuttle, I'm sure it could fit into any shuttlebay..."

Akeno pondered for a few moments. "Well I am a Captain. I can make some arrangements on my own ship. I'm sure I can work things out... if you're serious about this?"

The man nodded. "I've never been so serious in my life. After all, I'm a firm believer in love at first sight."

Once again Akeno felt the blood rushing into her cheeks. "Well, lets enjoy our time here. I can arrange you to come aboard if you like; thats if you don't get fed up of me while I'm here..." she said with a laugh.

"I could never get fed up of you. Those beautiful eyes, that gorgeous hair of yours and not to mention your figure. What more could a man want?"

"You sound like a hopeless romantic." Amu laughed.

"I am a little. But I know I've met someone truly special, and I want them for as long as I can." he told her he reached over and gently cupped her hands in his. His soft touch send shivers down Akeno's spine and up her neck, she wasn't sure why but it felt good.

She gazed in to his eyes, she felt like he wasn't decieving her in any way, that he was genuine and really wanted to be with her. Her heart pounded against her ribcage as she sat there. Although she wasn't sure where this was going, she was willing to find out and experience it whilst she could.

"Me too." she replied giving him a smile. Before she knew it, he had leant over the table and pulled her in close. His lips met hers which initally took Akeno by surprise, but slowly she embraced the feeling allowing her eyes to close as she returned the kiss.

'So this is how this feels. I can get used to this...'

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