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Bye Bye Arista

Posted on Tue Aug 2nd, 2022 @ 3:58am by Captain Akeno Misaki

Mission: Arista
Location: Ready Room

Captains Logs.

The Wayfarer has spent the last three days at the Arista Colony. We managed to establish communication with Starfleet Command. The Starship Unicorn a designated science vessel has been dispatched to aid the colonists. Starfleet Medical hope that they can find a cure for the genetic 'expiry date' that the Tyranians built into the Arista Colonists.

We have returned to space after conducting repairs. I am hopeful that Starfleet will find a cure for Sadako and her people. Captain Fibel was an extraordinary leader, she had been through so much and she made the ultimate sacrifice for her people. I am unsure if I will ever be able to do something like that, however if I went through what she did I may have wanted it to end too.

If I have learnt anything from this mission, its to never expect other species to abide and believe in our morals. What may seem wrong to us may be perfectly right to them. However thats a topic for the philosophers and diplomats, 'far beyond my pay grade' as they say.

Lieutenant Rommel collapsed during the memorial service for Captain Fibel. She remains currently in sickbay. We are en route to Federation space, specifically Starbase 12. The Wayfarer is due to dock for general maintenance and minor repairs we couldn't do in space. We will have ten days off the ship, I have granted shoreleave for any who wish to take it.

Personally I plan to get over to Risa which is in the same sector. I believe that most of the crew may be joining me, if anyone deserves it. Its them.

End Log

Akeno sat back in her ready room chair and turned to face the shelf which ran along the curved wall near her desk. Pushing her chair back, she opened one of the desk drawers and pulled out a photoframe. She smiled as she looked at the photograph which had been placed behind the glass.

Gently she placed it on the shelf where she could see it. The image of her and Sistine Fibel standing in front of the Wayfarer celebrating their victory whilst holding their phaser rifles. Sistine looked so happy and relieved, she looked like she had been through hell and finally it was now over. The image captured the moment that she finally saw freedom come to her people and the pure joy from Akeno for helping her achieve that.

She nodded at the photo before turning and walking towards the door, quickly straightening her uniform. "Back to work" she muttered as the doors swished open and then gently closed behind her.

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Captain Akeno Misaki
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