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Why did you do it? (Part 2)

Posted on Sun Jan 3rd, 2021 @ 11:50pm by Captain Akeno Misaki & Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Holodeck 2

Previously on Star Trek Wayfarer:

"So. I want to ask you something" she said. "Do you think you might be able to put aside the past? You're not living as long as you hold onto those events. If you do, they'll only drag you deeper down into depression and anger. If you can do that, show respect for others and be the good damn officer that your record says, then I might be willing to give you a second chance. But be aware, that trust needs to be earned and works both ways"

"I can agree to a white peace," Tj said.

A smile crept across Akeno's face. "Now. We have to work on your anger. Mine too..." she said as she rose to her feet and crossed the room to the brig console. "Computer. Initiate Program Misaki Beta Three"

And now the continuation...

Deck 5 - Holodeck 2

Both of them were suddenly engulfed in the blue and white dots of the transporter. A few seconds passed and they emerged face to face in a large empty room which resembled that of a Japanese Dojo. A hard wooden floor lined upto the panelled walls, and in the center a large grey series of mats which were softer.

Akeno unzipped her grey and black tunic and threw it aside where it landed in a heap against one of the walls. She then took off her undershirt and trousers until she stood there in nothing but her undershorts and a cropped shirt like a sport bra.

"We're on the holodeck" she said simply as she stood at a defensive stance. "The doors are locked. Don't worry though, the safties are on. Neither of us can be seriously hurt from this" she explained to him. "How about we work on getting our frustrations out on each other in a contest? Hand to hand combat, no weapons. Just you and me. If you end up on the wood you lose"

Tj stood up from the floor on the holodeck and displayed no mention on his face in her Dojo. "Don't hold back cause I'm half blind," Tj said taking a sneaky stance without even looking she'd think Tj would go for aggressive and attack her.

"Don't you go easy on me because I'm a girl" she replied back as she raised her fists. "Plus, admit it. You've been wanting an excuse to strike me since all this happened haven't you" she said as she bounced from one foot to another. She might be small but she was nimble and quite fast on her feet. "You're going to get everything out right here and now with me. Once you leave this room, you're going to be a new man one with no burdens!"

"I wasn't planning to," Tj said circling the Captain with his fists down at his side waiting for her to make the first move. "I have done this with people like you before training I mean."

Akeno noticed that he was allowing her to make the first move. She moved in quickly, her feet carrying her swiftly over towards him. She knew some of the basic defensive and offensive moves that she was taught to her at the Academy. Her first attack was a kick to the inside of one of his legs, meant to sweep it out from under him and knock him to the ground.

When she ran at him he had a rough idea of what she was aiming for at the last seconded he quickly moved to the side and kicked the side of Akeno's right leg. He was trained as Starfleet Officer before switching to the Marine Corps he knew all the basic moves but couldn't remember much he'd just stick to the Marine textbook for hand to hand combat.

Akeno stumbled as she nearly fell to the ground, but she managed to regain her balance. "You saw right through that didn't you..." she said as she readied herself for his attack.

Tj stood still before the next move was made. "I was an Officer before the Marines," He said, "During my Ensign years as a Yeomen and Assistant Ops Officer after the paperwork I practised combat on the holodeck."

"Well that's to be expected" Akeno replied as she took the opportunity to put a swing in towards him. She didn't possess much upper body strength,, her main advantage was her speed.

Like before Tj stood helpless and at the last seconded he grabbed her fist mid-air then let it go. "Honestly Captain I've trained with Cadet's and they've hit their target."

Withdrawing her hand she swung her opposite leg around in a round kicking for his side. "Who says that was the original target..." she said as her leg impacted into his side.

After she hit he reminded his emotionless face. "Thought we had to play music for you to actually hit me." He said. Tj then raised his fists up to his chest ready to hit.

"One element of command is to deceive your target in a tactical situation. Strike where they least expect it. You thought the punch was my main attack,but actually it was a decoy to drive your attention away and leave another area undefended" Akeno explained. "Although, I doubt you'll fall for that old trick again"

"But will you fall for it though." Tj said, "I must say your better at the diplomat table than combat."

Akeno smirked. "You haven't seen anything yet" she told him. She lunged forward, throwing her entire body weight into his stomach, wrapping her arms around him to make him stumble backwards to the floor. Even though she was small that would cause anyone to fall backwards.

And it did just that Tj fell over but quickly got back up again. "Impressive..." He said.

"I thought you weren't going to hold back?" She panted. "So far all you've done is stand there and take it!" Her fists clenched. "Come on Tj. The idea is to let out your frustrations damn it!".

"We do things differently in the Marines." Tj said he provided to kick like a Kangaroo many time aiming for her stomach. "We're trained to watch and adapt." He added.

Akeno stumbled backwards, both hands clasped to her bare midriff. "I see. Right in my belly button... nice... move" she stuttered. He had knocked the wind out of her breath. Her belly hurt from the kicks, but she couldn't worry about that now. Instead she aimed a kick towards his torso, a feint before she spun and darted around behind him.

Putting two hands together she brought her fists down on his lower spine, hoping the impact would lower his center of gravity causing him to kneel.

And it did just that Tj fell down to the floor but he got straight back up facing Akeno.

Akeno tightened the grip in his fists. "You know. The next time you decide to mutiny..." she said, her facing turning red slightly as she ploughed one after the other punches into him. "Don't!" She said plunging double fists square into his chest.

"In my eyes, it wasn't." He said using words to rick her as he kicked her in the leg while her firsts were up against his chest. "...Oh and Intelligence program Red-Seria-8... Basic parlour trick makes everyone think they don't have access... Couldn't do much with it anyway."

Panting Akeno stopped her assault. "You tricked me..." she said. "And you're not overtaking this seriously. Come on, you could have laid me out a dozen times by now!"

"Cause this exercise is pathetic just like you. Yes, I could break every bone in your body." Tj said but still taking his sneaky stance ready for any moves.

Akeno stopped and started to catch her breath. "You're not letting anything out, thats your problem" she told him. "Listen. I said we're not leaving this holodeck until you got all of that anger out of your system. I am not having any senior staff walk around with all those emotions trapped inside" she paused.

"Or are you too scared that you might simply just be too weak of a person to let it out and not self destruct?"

Then Tj made a quick mad rush for her punching her in the stomach side and spine as he jumped around her then pulled back. "You keep falling into traps." He said with a smirk across his face.

Akeno fell to the floor gasping in pain. "You're just too devious..."

"Eh," Tj said looking at her a few meters away. "Fooling you once was a privilege fooling you twice is an honour."

"I could say the same thing..." Akeno said as she quickly jumped from her position. She was quick as she managed to spring board from her crouched position driving both of her feet square into his chest in a drop kick.

Tj slid across the floor before getting up again. "Basic move." He said

Akeno lunged at him again, aiming for his waist again.

Tj managed to slip away from her attack than ran straight at her performing what he called a. "Welsh tackle." Bring Akeno down to the ground while he had his arm around her neck.

It was a good move. Akeno was pinned down against the deck. She kicked and struggled against the larger man, but he was much bigger and stronger than her. She was starting to feel her lungs burn form the lack of oxygen that he was depriving her of.

"I yield!" she managed to pant.

Tj let her go and got up from kneeling down on the floor.

Akeno sat against one of the walls. "Did you get any of that anger out?" she asked. "Or was this all a waste of time?"

"Yes," Tj replied giving his basic dead on the inside look. He just wanted to go and be alone for awhile.

Slowly Akeno rose to her feet. "Computer end program" she said. The holodeck returned to its usual layout, the layered holoprojectors and silver flooring. "Security will return you to your quarters" she said to Tj simply. "You'll be off duty and under guard until I trust you are able to get through this without anymore incident"

"Understood." Repiled Tj

The doors of the holodeck opened and Akeno left, three security officers then entered armed to take the colonel to his quarters.

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