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Another Perkins

Posted on Mon Nov 16th, 2020 @ 6:19pm by Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins & Captain Akeno Misaki
Edited on on Mon Nov 16th, 2020 @ 6:26pm

Mission: The Captains Child
Location: Deck 1 - Ready Room


Tj had just boarded the ship he dropped his bags off at his room. The room where she stayed at during her detached time on the ship. After doing that he thought to himself. "Think I'll see the bridge before checking in." So he exited his room entered the turbo lift and headed up to Deck 1 when the lift got there he stepped off standing by the Main Tactical Station looking around for a little while until crewmen manning the auxiliary station said. "Captain Misaki is in her ready room." Tj didn't reply he went towards her office outside he rang the door chime awaiting the call to enter.

The Wayfarer was due to leave tomorrow. Akeno was going over the final preparations. On hearing the chime she looked up from her console. "Come in" she called.

Tj entered looking his left eye as he was blinded scars almost covered his face and if you focus you could see a scar upon his right eye.

"Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins reporting sir." He said at attention and staring at the wall behind her.

The young Japanese woman smiled. "Welcome to the Wayfarer colonel" she said. "I assume you're my new XO?"

"Indeed." He said still at attention.

"Relax before you strain something" Akeno said simply giving him a brief smile. "Sit, tell me about yourself. If we're going to be running this ship, we should know each other"

Tj noticed her smile but didn't return it, sitting down across from her he said. "I'm related to Zoey your former Second Officer & Helm who's the acting captain of my previous assignment the Pathfinder... I have 3 half-siblings and 6 full-blooded siblings. I also am a Quadruplet theirs 3 others of me with different injuries and I like to Box."

Akeno smirked slightly. "Must be havoc in your house at Christmas" she said simply.

"It was... Now we all have different scars to tell us apart." He said. "Sir, we're due to depart tomorrow at 13:00 what is our mission?" Tj asked not even blinking.

"We're to chart a nebula on the edge of Federation Space. Its very similar to one that the Enterprise once charted. But has some different properties on our long range scans. So we're going in for a closer look" she explained. "I'll be holding a proper briefing once were under way".

"Also sir I've been looking over the specs of this ship we could have a small marine team and we also have fighters in the shuttle bay." He said calmly.

Akeno nodded. "Marines we may have. But at the moment the fighters have been replaced with standard shuttlecraft" she explained. "We lost a lot in the war, so many are currently attached to Starbases and carrier vessels".

"Understood but I can muster 2 soldiers within a matter of seconds if you wish to create a marine squadron." He said. "Anything else sir? I also have paperwork and a medical to see."

"Not at the moment. Get to know the crew, also Colonel, remember they're fleet as am I. So don't expect them to be like Marines. For the time though, dismissed".

Tj exited the room. "Don't take a holiday or they all will be changed," he said to himself in his mind. "Time for the doctor I hear this ship is testing the new ELH II."


Captain Akeno Misaki
Commanding Officer
USS Wayfarer

Lieutenant Colonel Tj Perkins
Executive Officer
USS Wayfarer


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