Letter to Opa and Schwesterlein

Posted on Mon Sep 12th, 2022 @ 3:02am by Lieutenant JG Patra Rommel

Having been confined to the medical bay of Starbase 12, Patra figured she had best write a message to Opa and Schwesterlein to let them know she was fine. They were both on her notification list should she become injured or deceased in the line of duty.

Dear Opa and Gertrude,

I hope this finds you both doing well. I want to first assure you that I am fine. Yes, I was injured, rather seriously, in a conflict. I am unsure if it is classified at this time so I will not discuss the conflict. I suffered both nerve damage and burns, there was a flash over fire in the section of ship I was working in, and one of my colleges pushed me out of the way into an overloaded electrical panel. I had inhaled some of the flames, damaging my lungs. I most definitely will be marking fire eater off my list of jobs and things to do. Anyway, the Doctor on the ship along with the EMH stabilized me and patched me up fairly well. You cannot even tell I was in a fire. I am now in a Starbase medical bay for some finishing touches, mainly strengthening my lungs and ensuring my neural pathways are also strengthened and functioning like they were supposed to.

Gertrude, I watched your latest performance in La Bayadère on my PaDD. I cannot wait to get to a Holodeck and see you perform it. If I haven't thanked you for my season tickets, THANK YOU. I am unsure when I will get to see you live on stage, but will endeavor to as soon as possible, with Opa as my date.

Well, I am signing off for now, know I love you both. Opa tell Mother, Father and my brother I am fine, as I know you most likely told them I was injured.