IDF 22nd Anniversary!

Posted on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 @ 11:51pm by Captain Akeno Misaki
Edited on Tue Jul 4th, 2023 @ 11:51pm

So, today is the 22nd Anniversary of Independence Fleet, our little home away from home!

This year we as CO's were asked to produce a 'Movie Poster' for a little bit of a fun contest. I decided to make a poster for our current mission 'Cracks in the Mirror' and I enjoyed making it!

Well, it seems as if we won 1st place! Another win for the Wayfarer!

Here's the poster and the comments the judges made:

“I’m impressed by the technical skill and originality that went into this poster.”

“If you’re familiar with Anime movie posters, this is spot on.”

“Having anime Trek characters in the mirror universe with the crack showing the Federation and Terran emblems on different sides was brilliant.”

As much as I am overjoyed we got yet more recognition for our little ship, the important thing is that IDF has now been operating 22 years! So Happy Birthday IDF! Everyone have a slice of cake and wear a party hat!

You can see all the other movie posters, runner ups and comments here:

Now, lets get cracking on with this mission! I'm looking forward to see what we can do with our Mirror Selves!

Congratulations Wayfarer and Happy Birthday Independence Fleet!

Captain Akeno Misaki



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