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Captains Christmas Message 2022!

Posted on Fri Dec 23rd, 2022 @ 8:12pm by Captain Akeno Misaki

To all crew!

I am writing this to you today, as I am not going to be available for the next few days! (Obvious reasons really...)

I want to take a few moments to wish you all a Happy Christmas Season. I am proud to tell you that the Wayfarer has had its best year ever! I only took command of the ship in late 2020, and we have gone from strength to strength as a crew.

The mission 'Arista' was not only the longest mission we have ever written, but also one of our best. I will admit that 2022 has not been a very good year for me. With the loss of my grandmother in January, to having a mental breakdown in the summer and fighting off severe depression, to the world falling apart political and stablility wise; 2022 has been a bad year for me personally and for the entire world.

However, regardless of everything that has happened I am proud to be your Commanding Officer and you have all helped me get through some very dark days and long nights. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment with you all on the Wayfarer and I look forward to many more years together, as a crew, but also as a community and family.

Speaking of family, I want to ask you all during the time between now and the New Year to spend it with family, friends and people you are close with. I hereby declare that from this moment on, you are all on vacation. (But if you really have to tag, then feel free) Remember to cherish every moment with those you love, as one day they will be gone. So please promise me that you'll visit those you care for, have a drink, eat food, laugh and play together. Make memories you'll never forget and then return to our little Intrepid Class Starship to share your stories filled with joy and happiness.

Also, I understand that this time of year can be very hard for some people. For of you who don't know me personally, I work on Britains Railways. December is the worst month for people ending their lives on the tracks due to thinking it will end their pain. I want you all to know, that I am here for each and every one of you. My door is open, and if you know of anyone in your community/family/area who needs someone, be there for them. Pop in for a cup of tea, invite them for a meal or just a friendly chat. Trust me, at this time of year, Lonliness is the biggest killer. We're all Human in the end, so regardless of religion, race, politics or nationality, be there for each other. That is what Gene Roddenberry imagined when he created Star Trek.

I'm going to end this on a positive note. I am proud of what we have accomplished. I set out at the start of 2022, to become one of the best ships in Independence Fleet. Although there is no way to measure that, to me this ship is the best because you are. You are the finest crew in Starfleet and I feel like no amount of awards can truly show that.

For now, please spend time with loved ones, look out for those who need a friend. Stay safe, have a very Merry Christmas and I will see you all bright eyes and fluffy tailed in 2023!

Live Long & Prosper

Captain Akeno Misaki/Will


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