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Wayfarer Status Update

Posted on Mon Feb 7th, 2022 @ 12:46am by Captain Akeno Misaki

Attention all Wayfarer Crew!


First of all, a big welcome to Ray/Starduster who is joining us as Lieutenant Rania Bhatti our new Chief Counsellor. He is a good friend of mine and a wonderful writer, if you want some craziness or something different than Ray is your guy. Please give him a huge welcome to the Wayfarer!

Lieutenant Rania Bhatti will be joining the ship once we dock at Starbase 83, which is happening right now. So don't forget to pop by the Counselling Suite and have every word you say scrutinized... I mean your Phys Eval... You know what I mean...

New Mission!

I understand that the mission 'The Captains Child' had been a very long one. We've had crew come and go and with the recent change in command, its been a rough road. The entire world also saw the outbreak of COVID and we've lost many people out of character which has made this mission drag on a little. (Would you believe me if I told you it was meant to only last 6-8 weeks as a little fun mini-mission?)

However, we did manage to get some good posts and character development out of it. We achieved 69 great posts, (Yes I know, thats a 'funny' number! Behave!) and it was the longest in terms of posts and time in Wayfarer History. However I'm sure we'll end up beating that eventually.

Our new mission starts today, here's a summary for you:

Star Trek Wayfarer - Arista

80 years ago, the USS Arista, a Miranda Class vessel, under command of Captain Sistine Fibel disappeared off of Starfleet scopes. After an extensive search the ship was declared lost with all hands.

In 2376 the USS Wayfarer picks up a weak distorted distress call from the Arista from an unexplored star system. The wreckage of the old vessel lays crashed on a M Class planet with a small colony nearby of roughly one hundred Humans.

However, none of the Human population seem to be over the age of sixteen and all female. When the Wayfarer investigates they discover that for the last 80 years the population has been regularly visited by an alien race known only as The Tyranians, who visit and harvest the older Humans for food as well as drop off new Human children to repopulate their livestock.

At the moment, the Wayfarer will be docking at Starbase 83 to take on crew and supplies. We are due a short stay at the base and we'll be shipping out soon.

Captains Message

I just want to say that I am very proud of you all for what we have achieved here. I have been finding it really hard to write these last few weeks with the loss of my grandmother who sadly passed away from Dementia. However, I have promised you that I intend to make this one of the best ships in the entire of Independence Fleet, and I want you to join me in making that happen.

Lets crack on and get on with our mission to be the very best, and show everyone our true colours!

Stay Safe, and take care people!


Captain Akeno Misaki


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