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New Year!

Posted on Tue Jan 11th, 2022 @ 2:33am by Captain Akeno Misaki

To all crew!

I just wanted to take a few moments to wish you all a happy new year and fill you in on what I am going to be doing with the Wayfarer this year.

I understand that the sim has been a little slow over the last few months. This is mainly my fault, I have had a lot on my plate at home and at work. Plus with the COVID 19 pandemic, I have also not been in good health at times. I spent most of the end of last year assisting my grandmother who developed severe dementia, however I can report she is now safely settled into a nursing home and is recieving the care she needs.

Also, I am aware that the Wayfarer site has issues sending out emails at time. I have yet to work out why, but I believe this is an issue when it comes to keeping activity going. I'll be working closely in the next few weeks to try and rectify this problem.

As for the current mission, I intend to push this fast now and get it finished by the end of the month. So here is a slight breakdown of what I have planned.

- 'Junior' will steer the ship towards the Nebula where its other kind are from.
- The Wayfarer crew will incapacitate Junior whilst the entity is still inside Akeno's womb, which will lead to her going into labor.
- Junior will be born from Akeno before the ship can reach its destination.
- Unfortunately, Junior will not have a physical form for long and will return back to its non-physical form. Something that Junior nor we could predict.
- Once Akeno has recovered from the ordeal, she will stop the Wayfarer with her Codes and redirect the ship to a nearby starbase.

I believe we can cover these events in the next 2-5 posts.

I would also like to know who is still on board with the ship so I can plan ahead for the next mission.

Also, I want to once again apologise for the inactivity we have had for the previous months. Now that my personal life has become more stable, I fully intend to push the Wayfarer into a new era and become a shining jewel of Independence Fleet.

Lets do this together, 2022 is going to be out year!


Captain Akeno Misaki
Commanding Officer
USS Wayfarer


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