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Mission Update & New Mission

Posted on Wed Nov 4th, 2020 @ 3:15am by Captain Akeno Misaki
Edited on Wed Nov 4th, 2020 @ 3:16am

To all crew

We are finally getting near to the end of our current mission. Once the post is finished where we put all three realities back together we will be returning to Earth. At Earth we will drop off Captain Sprague and Akeno will take full command of the Wayfarer.

For those who are awaiting to come aboard the ship, that is when you can come aboard. We will be stopping at Earth for a couple of days to get people on and off and resupply our fuel and supplies etc.

The next mission after that will see us doing a rather interesting mission which I have based on the Star Trek The Next Generation Episode "The Child" Season 2 Episode 1. It will be called "The Captains Child" and should be a lot of fun.

Mission Description:

In 2365, the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 D encountered a race of spacebound aliens who only existed out of physical form in a strange nebula. One of them managed to gain physical form by impregnating Counselor Troi to experience what it means to have a physical existence.

Eleven Years later in 2376, newly promoted Captain Akeno Misaki is tasked with charting a similar nebula on the edge of Federation Space. After three years of war a nice easy science charting mission should be routine. However that soon changes when Captain Misaki wakes up similar to Counselor Troi, sporting an alien entity growing within her, but this alien is far from peaceful. It seeks revenge on the aliens who stranded it there millenia ago, and it will use Captain Misaki and the Wayfarer to get its cold revenge.

If anyone wants to start any pre-writing for the upcoming mission you are all welcome to do so, but please keep them saved until we get underway.

Also, a big thankyou to all the posting and tagging you've been doing. I look forward to keeping this ship active and going at a good pace.


Captain Akeno Misaki


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