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Mission Update & New Crew!

Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2020 @ 8:16pm by Captain Akeno Misaki
Edited on Thu Oct 15th, 2020 @ 8:17pm

To all crew of the Wayfarer!

First of all, please welcome Petty Officer 3rd Class Caleb Stone who has joined our engineering department! Give him a warm welcome!

Mission Update

Currently the Wayfarer crew are seperated into three different realities caused by a Quantum Filiment. This has caused us all to be seperated from each other with no form of communication.

Reality A
The Wayfarer is docked at Earth empty with only a few people on board, but all airlocks and transporters are offline or sealed.

People in A:
Captain Sprague
Ensign Tego Milan

Reality B
The Wayfarer is continuing on towards Earth under her own power but several crew have suddenly vanished without warning.

People in B:
Zoe Perkins
Rosaleen O'Donnell

Reality C
The Wayfarer has been declared destroyed, and the officers from the Wayfarer are trying to find out what has happened since the information doesn't make sense.

People In C:
Akeno Misaki
Basil Dampfish
Rob Morrow
Robert Lee

Crew to join the story once the ship is back in one reality (May be in the normal reality awaiting assignment, preparing or en route to the ship)
Caleb Stone


We all need to work together to get us back into the same reality. You'll all by now have worked out that something is not right. Something is very wrong. This is how things should progress (With some creative freedom of course).

Everyone should make their way back to the point of origin, retracing their steps (Or the steps of the Wayfarer) back to the Quantum Filimant.

Once there, Akeno will be directing subspace message into the anomaly, which will break through to the other realities. This will allow us all to talk using the anomaly like a telephone line junction.

Then we can come up with a plan in character. Which will be use what ships we have to direct a feedback pulse from the Wayfarer's/Runabouts navigational deflector. This theoretically should collapse the anomaly, thus ending all three realities and bringing us all back into the normal reality.

We will then get back to Earth with relative ease, drop off Captain Sprague and he can eat as many desserts as his heart and metabolism allows him... Then Akeno will take over the ship and we'l move into a new mission.

I'll leave it upto you all if you want to remember what has happened in character. You may believe it was all a dream, or just a daydream etc or remember it clearly.

Ok thats the plan people, lets get to it!


Commander Akeno Misaki


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