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Commander Brig Sito

Name Brig Sito

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 44

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Grey with black flecks
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Stocky build with greying hair and a beard, tired looking eyes.


Spouse Talia Sito
Father William Sito
Mother Danielle Sito
Other Family Parents dog called Ajax

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet and calculating. He likes to listen and observe before making any comments or judgements. He is a patient man who is not easily upset, as they say, "sticks and stones......"
He doesn't like bullies and will stand up if the situation calls for it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Likes to plan ahead with military precision before jumping into a situation. If plan A doesn't work, he can always come up with plan B and C. He is a strategist. Even if his suggestions are unorthodox and not always approved by Starfleet Command.

Brig is not quick to trust, because of his past in SI, he believes people have to earn his trust and respect.
He has a dislike of Orions, He believes they would sell their own mothers into slavery for latinum. He has not met one he can get on with.
Ambitions To lead a successful career in Starfleet and always try to return home when he can to his family. (Wife is stationed on McKinley Station).
Hobbies & Interests Parrises Squares, scuba diving and reading.

Personal History Brig Sito was born September 10th, 2332, and was born and raised in Tanandra Bay on the planet of Ajilon Prime in the Archanis Sector of the Beta Quadrant.
He was taught about the stars by his mother, which fueled his early passion for exploration.

Sito joined Starfleet Academy in the year 2350 and discovered that he had a talent for intelligence and tactical operations. Sito gave up his dreams of exploration for a career in Starfleet Intelligence as an analyst.

Most of the first ten years of Sito's service to Starfleet Intelligence was spent behind a desk, analyzing data and writing reports. The few times he did manage to get into the field his assignments included shadowing a Tellarite engineer accused of trading stolen technology, and the infiltration of a Orion Crime Syndicate.

After hanging up his undercover boots Brig transferred from Starfleet Intelligence (SI) to the command path and was posted on the USS Sutherland as a Strategic Operations Officer. Several years later he transferred to the galaxy class USS Ulysses as Assistant Chief of Security. The ship was later ambushed by the Orion Slavers and heavily damaged with the loss of 78 crew. The ship returned to Earth for repair and the crew for recuperation. Brig awaited his next assignment, there he met Lt. Talia Blake, an engineer on shore leave from McKinley Station.

Within a month of Brig being on Earth and both he, and Talia started a relationship, 3 years after meeting they were married.

In late 2370 he was once again transferred to a starship, the USS Mjolnir, under the command of Captain Kalena Hoku, a Norway Class ship as Chief of Security and promoted to Lt. Commander. His future wife Talia joined him.

He transferred to the USS Wayfarer in 2376, an Intrepid-Class ship. He was promoted to Commander and made XO under Captain Michael Meezo. His wife returned to Earth and McKinley Station.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (2350-2354)

Starfleet Intelligence (2354-2364)
Ensign/Lieutenant (JG)

USS Sutherland (2364-2368)
Lieutenant (JG)
Strategic Operations Officer

USS Ulysses (2368-2370)
Assistant Chief of Security

USS Mjolnir (2370-2376)
Lt Commander
Chief of Security /Promoted to 2nd Officer

USS Wayfarer (2376-Present)
Executive Officer